Using Crystals With Cows

I received a very interesting question from a reader the other day – which crystals to use in a cow Using crystals with cowsbarn. I didn’t know the answer to that, so I got in touch with Karen Ryan, who is the owner and founder of The Crystal Tiger in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and was the featured practitioner in the Crystal Healing For Animals post. Karen replied with some great advice, and graciously allowed me to share it here.

Sarah wrote:
I have a question about cows. I was wondering what the best crystal would be to have in the barn as an overall herd health good energy crystal? I was thinking clear quartz but I don’t want to get the wrong one. Can you give me any suggestions?

Karen’s answer:
A good cow herd crystal would be a nice cluster of clear quartz crystal. Put a clear quartz crystal Clear quartz crystal clustercluster of about 3-4 or more inches in each corner of the barn in a safe area, maybe up in a rafter. The four crystals will connect with each other and create a nice energy field. Each point of the cluster will resonate with different energies of the herd.

If you are able, cleanse the crystal clusters in a bucket of salt water overnight every month or so to keep the energy fresh. Every 2 months, take them out and let them soak in the sunlight to recharge the crystal energy with the full light spectrum. Add a few rose quartz crystals around each crystal cluster for loving and nurturing energy.

The complete idiot's guide to crystals

If the cows are milkers, add a few pieces if sodalite to calm them during the milking process. If milking manually, put some rose quartz and sodalite in your pockets and the big ladies will settle down quickly and may even produce sweeter milk. You can also experiment by dropping a clean rose quartz in the bottom of the milk pail for up to 20 minutes, being careful to remove the crystal before additional processing.

Read my review of Karen’s book, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Crystals“.

Karen Ryan, MLS, MBA, PMP
Karen Ryan is a Crystal Energy Therapist, Spiritual Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and Crystal Radionics Therapist. Karen teaches crystal therapy, consults on using crystals with animals worldwide, and is the author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Crystals. Learn more about Karen


  1. Exquisite Crystals says

    I find that my Elestial Quartz crystals help me re-connect with myself and with Mother Earth. Elestial Quartz Crystals can be used to assist one in overcoming burdens, to bring the heart and the intellect into synchronicity, and stimulate the actualization of the conscious self. Elestial quartz is one of the “enchanted crystals” and can be used to sustain and maintain a person during changes in their life. I would think that elestial quartz crystals may work well with cows as they do with humans.

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