Meet Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist

Karen Ryan is the founder and owner of The Crystal Tiger in Toronto, Ontario.

Cattie: I first got to know Karen a few years ago when I interviewed her about using crystals with animals, something I didn’t know anything about, and it was fascinating. We have kept in touch and she has been helping out with crystal-related questions from readers ever since. Karen is a multi-talented practitioner with a very interesting story and a ton of knowledge, and I am thrilled that she has agreed to be a contributor.


Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy TherapistHi, I’m Karen Ryan. As a crystal energy therapist, I use crystals for natural drug-free healing. When crystals are used and guided for healing, they can produce remarkable results in animals. Crystals are non-invasive, have specific roles for specific illnesses and anyone with an open mind can use them.
I remember being interested in using crystals for animal healing back in 1991. I had planned a trip to Nepal to study meditation. After a ½ day’s journey up the side of a cloudy mountain where the road had been dangerously washed out the day before, I arrived at a modest Tibetan Buddhist monastery. I waited for the lama to receive me. I had one question in particular that I had wanted to ask the lama about animal healing – what approach should be taken when offering healing to an animal? The lama gave me a teaching on animal healing that I treasure. The teaching has guided me to understand that we must have compassion for all animals.
When I returned, I acquired my first Lhasa Apso, a dog of Tibetan origins from a relatively pure lineage. I named her Tara, after the Green Goddess of Tibet. Now I had a dog willing to work with me in a high energy crystal healing environment. It turned out she was also a healer, putting children who were fearful of dogs at ease. While I did crystal healings for human clients, I also provided crystal healing and consultations for my client’s pets. When I was asked to put a workshop together for crystal horse healing, I was ecstatic to have access to a full horse barn. Working with large animals is a unique experience, but the healing properties of the crystals remain the same regardless of the size of the animal.
Over the next few months, I will be writing about some of my experiences using crystals for healing animals, crystal Quartz Amethysthealing etiquette, sharing a story about healing pack dogs, the use of radionics for animal healing and more. Radionic healing uses an instrument to provide corrections to the energetic fields of a person by clearing blockages or providing adjustments on the physical, emotional and psycho-spiritual levels. If you have a topic you’d like me to write about, or have questions, please let me know.
If you’d like to get started (and learn more about crystals), read about how I used crystals for healing Tashi, the daughter of Tara, and about Using Crystals with Cows. One reader sent in photos of the crystals she put up in her cow barn after reading the Crystals with Cows article, and I’ll be doing a follow up to report on the results. I will also report on the use of radionics in attempting to prevent bee colony collapse.
I look forward to your questions about crystals.
Be in Good Health,
Karen Ryan

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Karen Ryan, MLS, MBA, PMP
Karen Ryan is a Crystal Energy Therapist, Spiritual Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and Crystal Radionics Therapist. Karen teaches crystal therapy, consults on using crystals with animals worldwide, and is the author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Crystals. Learn more about Karen

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