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Dog with question

Q&A: Massage and Phantom Pregnancy in Dogs

We recently received an interesting question from one of our readers and wanted to share it here for others to learn from as well (don’t miss the update at the end of the post). Tracey, a canine massage practitioner in the UK, wrote: Q: Is massage safe for a … Continue Reading...


Who Needs Animal Massage?

While animal massage is gaining recognition, there still remains a huge misconception about massage therapy for animals: that it is just another foofy spa service for overly pampered dogs in diamond collars and Prada boots. Nothing could be further from the … Continue Reading...

Acupuncture needles

Animal Acupuncture

Today's alternative healing modality is animal acupuncture. As I mentioned in my post about NAET, I've been getting acupuncture for allergies for over a year, and it's helping! And even though I always think the needles hurt going in, the feeling afterwards is … Continue Reading...