Think Your Animal Well: The Power of Positive Thinking

On the surface, your animal may appear to have all of their needs met, but fundamentally there still may be an underlying problem with their health. They have taken their flower essences correctly, and emotionally they are improving, yet there is still something wrong. I get lots of emails from people saying, “My vet cannot find anything wrong, yet my animal has weight issues, even though he is on a strict diet!” or “My animal keeps chewing my kitchen chairs while I am at work, how do I stop him?“

Sometimes without realising it, our animals can manifest what we are actually thinking. If you are worried about your animal putting on weight, they won’t get the The power of positive thinking
message “stop putting on weight”, the message will be “weight”. Just like if a dog is digging in the garden, they won’t get the message “stop digging”, they will just get the message “digging”… and they will think oh yes my owner wants me to “dig”. If you do have a problem with your animal that has no cause and the vet is unable to find a problem – Stop! And take stock and mentally take a note of the signals you have been giving your animal. What is your thought process when you talk about your animal? What benefits could there be for you?

For example, on a deep subconscious level, you may not have the time to ride your horse and without realising it you are using your horse’s illness to give you permission not to ride. You may not feel like walking your dog and use the distraction of your dog chewing the kitchen chairs as consent not to do so. You may talk about your animal’s illness a lot with friends and family, which as you can imagine will carry its own negative energy. Without realising you will get pity from your friends and family that deep down you will feel very comforted and secretly enjoy the attention. The reality however is that your animal will be picking up on that energy. We as humans like people to feel pity for us when things go wrong, this is human nature, but our animals are the exact opposite; they thrive on positivity and love, they are born with the innate behaviour to survive, it is in their DNA. I have seen and heard people telling their heartfelt stories of how sick their animal is and I too have been guilty of this in the past. However the more I have learnt about the power of the energy of words the more I have thought about the words that I say now.

It is becoming more and more common to hear of people who rescue animals but do not have the skill, housing, or food to support the animals that they rescue. Animal hoarding often ends in neglect of the animal and sometimes even their death. The hoarder has an overwhelming attachment to the animal, so they find it difficult and in fact impossible to see past the neglect they are inflicting, or the squalor they are subjecting the animal to. The cycle only stops when they are reported to the authorities. The emotional energy that comes with hoarding of animals is huge and affects the animals deeply.

Positive thinkingWhen our animals are chronically sick, the kindest thing we can do is to be optimistic. We need to see past their ailing body and to visualise them as fit and healthy. We need to let go of feelings of sorrow and pity and to understand that animals think differently to us. This is especially very important when we think of rescue animals, they need us to see them at the best they can possibly be. Visualise them with a happy new owner who has given them their forever home.

Visualise your animal to wellness

1. Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to connect to your animal
2. Close your eyes and visualise your animal looking happy and healthy
3. Imagine them being playful and blissfully injury free
4. Feel with your whole heart that they make a 100% recovery
5. Thank them and believe (belief is the magical key)

The words that we say and the energy that we say them with are picked up by our animals, just like a sponge absorbing water. The way we see and perceive our animals is again picked up by our animals and taken on board their very psyche. Little changes to your thought process can have a huge impact on the well-being of your animal. Give it a go and be prepared to be amazed.

Caroline Thomas
Caroline is an animal and human Bach flower practitioner, Animal PsychAromatica practitioner, Japanese human and animal Reiki Master, and a founding member, teacher and Regional Manager for Europe of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). Learn more about Caroline
Caroline Thomas


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