The Purpose Of Species – How Each Animal Species Has A Part To Play In Who We Are And How We Experience The World Around Us

This month I wanted to share with you an area of animal communication that I am particularly passionate about. It is an area that I The purpose of specieshave been called to for many years now – something that I knew inside myself and that made sense to me. I believe that when you feel these types of things within you, they are callings for you to share them with the world. This knowing was that we are all one and are inextricably interconnected.

So, it was around 3 years ago I started receiving guidance that I was to tune into the collective consciousness of the different animal species and to channel their species messages for humanity as we moved through and beyond the 2012 marker. As I commenced on this amazing journey, that I am still very much travelling now, I was given the most amazing insights from the animals about how we are really all one.

I knew in my heart we were all one, that we were all interconnected, made of the same thing and that we lived our lives attracting reflections of ourselves from all those around us, but I didn’t realise the incredible depth that this went to.

Who we are: Sumatran tigerThe animals continue to share with me how each species have a unique collective vibration, that they have a primary reason for being part of this big jigsaw puzzle called life. What I hadn’t fully grasped was that each unique energetic vibration is contained within the whole of each of us. We are a part of the quantum holograph – which roughly translated means that everything outside of us is also contained within each of us too. Forgive me if you already know this, but this really blew me away – it was like a much deeper understanding of what I thought I knew coming forward! The animals are so good at bringing deeper understanding to us, aren’t they?

With this knowing, the animals have also been sharing with me that when we are attracted to certain species it is no coincidence. RabbitThere are imbalances within ourselves that are calling out to become balanced and the energies that each species holds within them will call out to us (we will be attracted to them) to assist in the balancing….

At certain times we may find animals coming into our lives, either physically or non physically, they appear to assist us in rebalancing that which is out of balance within our own aspect of that energetic vibration. WOW!!

With this understanding all of the ancestor’s recognition of this, in the form of totem animals or animal spirit guides, suddenly made even deeper sense.

PheasantTo share a few personal examples, I am currently blessed to have a cat, Jack and a horse, Apache sharing my life. Jack constantly shows me to remember self care and to balance doing with non doing. Apache is teaching me how to be an empowered leader and to trust my intuition. They are both so very wise and patient, thankfully! I have also noticed that butterflies keep appearing to me in myriad ways – their energy is all about the power of metamorphosis and for me this is calling me to be aware and to stay present around the needed transformations I am making in my life.

So as you read this, what animals are calling to you? What energies/qualities do they possess that you are being called to become aware of and rebalance within yourself? How can you embrace these qualities and bring them more into balance within yourself? Take some time to think about the animals you have in your life and why they are with you. Look up the meanings of the particular species in the various books that offer this. You can find the channelled messages from the animal species I have heard from so far at my website

I’d love to hear about your discoveries, so please do get in touch!

Julie Lines

Julie Lines

Founder and Owner at Voice of the Animals
Julie is one of the UK’s most respected animal communicators, co-founder of the Awakening to Animals International Conferences, Reiki practitioner, teacher and author. Learn more about Julie
Julie Lines


Working with nature we must be stewards of the earth, as humanity was always intended to be. What is your unique service? How do you care?
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