Q&As: Animal Acupressure in Canada, Animal Massage Schools in Pennsylvania, Washington and Florida

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Q: Are there any Animal Massage schools in or around the Orlando, Florida area? Preferably canine. Also do you know of any online courses for training, licensing and certification?

Answer by Cattie Coyle:
If you’re looking for more of an owner’s workshop, there are some at Rocky’s Retreat (in Orlando).

For certification programs, as far as I know, the closest to you would the the The Rocky Mountain School of Animal Acupressure and Massage in Cape Coral, or Abundant Life Massage in Sarasota.

For online/distance learning, this post might be helpful:
Online Classes, Correspondence Courses and Distance Learning Programs


Q: I live in Canada, B.C and if I do online courses with animal massage schools in the US, will I be still able to become a Certified Animal Acupressure Practitioner or do I have to do the schooling in Canada?

Answer by Amy Snow, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute:
Thank you for your interest in animal acupressure and massage. We have quite a few graduates from our animal acupressure program from Canada and they practice in Canada. If you go to a school that offers acupressure you will be have an acupressure background, if you go to a school offering massage, you will learn massage – they are two different disciplines. Massage is the manipulation of tissues, while acupressure works with the energetics of the body.

You are welcome to study in either the US or Canada. If you would like references for the Tallgrass program, you can go to the Tallgrass website and contact the practitioners listed on the Practitioner Locator living and working in Canada. A number of people in Canada have also taken the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage (http://www.nbcaam.org) examinations to further enhance their skills and credibility.


Q: I live in West Seattle WA and I would love to take a course in small animal massage for certification. Can you help me. I love my small(ish) four foot friends and am looking for a new career that would be meaningful and beneficial for me and pets.

Answer by Cattie Coyle:
You have a fabulous animal massage school very close by – the Northwest School of Animal Massage.

Best of luck with your new career path!


Q: I would like more information on schools in PA in or near Philadelphia, Lancaster or Allentown. I have found franchises, but I am not interested in that kind of certification. Any additional information regarding animal massage would be great as well. I would like to get started as soon as possible.

Answer by Cattie Coyle:
To the best of my knowledge, there isn’t an animal massage certification school in PA. I think your best bet would be to do a distance learning/on site combo program. Several schools offer this option, and the closest one to you would probably be Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester, MA.

Here are a few posts that might be useful for you:
Online Classes, Correspondence Courses and Distance Learning Programs

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(this one was written a while back, so the prices may have changed. I need to update it!)

How to Choose a Massage School

Can you expand on your suggestion. Distant learning, like on-line? Are you also suggesting I travel to one of those sites to do on site as well? Any other beneficial areas I could explore if this isn’t a viable option? I would like to obtain certifications relating to animals and well being and healing. I am not in a position to go back to school FT to obtain any degrees so I am looking towards the certification route.

Answer by Cattie:
These distance learning programs are a combination of home study and on-site practicals (of various length). I would strongly recommend going with a program that requires hands-on in person training, because having gone through the certification program at Bancroft myself, I can safely say that it is essential to get in-person guidance from an experienced massage therapist in order to learn massage correctly. If you are considering other modalities, there are certainly other options. There are some that teach classes in various locations all over the country (and world for that matter), such as TTouch, Healing Touch for Animals, Acupressure, etc.

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