Meet Julie Lines, Voice of the Animals

Julie Lines is the founder and owner of Voice of the Animals and The Purpose of Species, based in South Derbyshire, England.

Cattie: Julie and I met online a while back (you may have read her guest post here last year – if not, check it out, I highly recommend it!) and immediately hit it off. Julie is among many things a very talented animal communicator and I have been a longtime fan of her work. I am so excited and delighted that she agreed to be a regular contributor and our animal communication expert.


Julie LinesHello everyone, I am so thrilled to have been asked to contribute to Cattie’s wonderful website, what a great space she has created here and I will do my utmost to add some great content of interest to you all in my monthly post.

My calling in life is to assist in helping humanity back to balance by working in partnership with animals to guide and assist those wishing to change.

I am an interspecies communicator, animal ambassador, change agent and relationship builder. I am also an author and regularly channel the messages from the collective consciousness of animal species (including humans). I am very blessed to live in rural South Derbyshire, England with my wonderful family; my partner David, Jack the Asian Cat, Apache the Piebald Cob and at the weekends David’s three kids, Luke, Sam and Rosie.

I have transformed my life over the past 10 years or so, as I was a specialist leadership development facilitator in the corporate world, travelling the world working with leaders and helping them to become happier, more effective, better communicators and better leaders. Along this path of about 14 years I learnt a great deal about helping people change using Neuro Linguistic Programming and a host of other tools.

I began to reconnect with my higher purpose around 2005, I realised that I wanted to work with animals and people to assist in the great rebalance needed by humanity and so Voice of the Animals was born in 2009. I then went onto co-found the Awakening to Animals Conferences in 2012 and published my first book called “The Purpose of Species: Animals Messages for Humanity in 2012 and Beyond” on the 21st December 2012. I am also studying and practicing two healing modalities one with The Healing Trust (or the NFSH) and the other as a student of Zero Balancing (created by Fritz Smith) – I will integrate all I learn into my service – I know the animals have so much to share with us about rebalancing/healing too.

I have learnt SO much and continue to do so from being with the animals and listening to their wisdom and perspectives, I never cease to be humbled, amazed, inspired and deeply touched by what they have to share with me. I have many more books to write to share these teachings with others – for all those that want to learn and remember.

I am going to share with you in my posts stories and insights that I have received from the animals, how you can listen more effectively to the animals in your world and how you can apply the learning you receive from your animal encounters into your day to day experience and change for the good of all.

My May post will be about listening to animals, trusting with our hearts and feeling the communication and connection. We are ALL able to develop these skills and we can ALL receive communication from animals, it is not just the talented or special few.

I very much look forward to meeting you here and to hearing your comments and questions – so please feel free to get involved with my posts – I really would love to hear from you!

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Julie Lines

Julie Lines

Founder and Owner at Voice of the Animals
Julie is one of the UK’s most respected animal communicators, co-founder of the Awakening to Animals International Conferences, Reiki practitioner, teacher and author. Learn more about Julie
Julie Lines


Working with nature we must be stewards of the earth, as humanity was always intended to be. What is your unique service? How do you care?
RT @DalaiLama: On a mental level kindness and compassion give rise to lasting joy. They reduce fear. - 3 days ago

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