Listening to the Animals – Remembering How to Trust our Hearts and Intuition

When we were children we had great access to our heart centre and our magical intuitive sensitivity. Can you Ladybugremember what this felt like? Can you remember how it felt to be around animals and all of nature and how attuned you felt with them?

Most of us have memories of this magical connection and even if you are one of the minority that can not remember this, trust me when I say that we ALL are capable of returning to this place of connectivity, with belief and effective practice.

Many times I meet people that believe they can’t communicate with their animal friends, yet on closer investigation they are communicating, they just haven’t realised that this is what they are doing. Our human labels around communication are often quite limiting and can revolve for many around believing that you have to hear an animal talking to you clearly in your head for it to be classified as communication.

Thankfully this is not the case. Animals are reaching out and communicating with us all of the time, when they Listening to the animalswant to, the key for us to receive this information is to learn to listen…. Really listen.

So how do we do this, I hear you ask (or did I just make that up?!) The largest challenge we have as humans, is to return to our natural state of balance. Over the years, right from birth we are surrounded by other humans that condition us to believe many things, many things that take us away from this natural state of balance and oneness. Once we awaken to this it can take us many years to unlearn these habits, to change our beliefs and to “drop the baggage”. Welcome to being a Human Being – or should I say a Human Doing!

Many of us believe all kinds of nonsense about ourselves, about the world around us and about what is and isn’t possible.

Let me assert two truths to you here in Cattie’s wonderful AWG. 1) All life communicates. 2) You ARE capable of tuning into this communication, yes even YOU!

Depending on our life purpose and the key life lessons we are here to learn, this can be a (fairly) quick and easy return to this communication balance, while for many others it can take a bit more effort and dedication to achieve. Frustratingly for many, the ones that adore animals are often the souls that have to work a little more diligently on themselves to drop their baggage to release within themselves this magical ability once more.

So ask yourself these questions and write down your answers, then in June’s post we will explore what tools can help you to move beyond any blocks you may be holding onto:Cat

1)   What beliefs do you have about your abilities to communicate with animals?

2)   What are your childhood memories of being able to communicate with animals?

3)   What gets in the way of you being able to communicate with any animal you meet?

4)   Is there anything you are afraid of if you were able to communicate with every animal you met?

Regardless of where you are in your current abilities to communicate with animals go ahead and answer these anyway. Take some time out to think and feel about them and write down everything and anything that comes to mind.

Keep them safe somewhere and next month we will explore some ways to allow you to step beyond, to open the doors and to allow yourself to really listen to animals. They have so much to teach us, they are so very wise and they are really keen to assist you on your personal journey too.

Sending much love to all,


Julie Lines

Julie Lines

Founder and Owner at Voice of the Animals
Julie is one of the UK’s most respected animal communicators, co-founder of the Awakening to Animals International Conferences, Reiki practitioner, teacher and author. Learn more about Julie
Julie Lines


Working with nature we must be stewards of the earth, as humanity was always intended to be. What is your unique service? How do you care?
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