Listening to the Animals: Remembering How To Trust our Hearts and Intuition – Part Two

Last month you may remember I asked you four questions and promised to explore each to offer assistance in your return to heart centred intuitive communication with all species.Apache

We began with a question about your beliefs. Do you have your list handy? If not, just take a minute to write down what beliefs you have about your and others’ ability to communicate intuitively with animals.

Are they beliefs that will help you to effectively develop your sensitivity and skills? Do they have any basis in truth or have you just made them up? Can you prove they are factually correct?

Go through your list and check this criteria with each. Someone famous once said, “if you think you can or you think you can’t you are probably right.” Wise words indeed.

What we believe massively impacts what we are capable of achieving. If it is helpful great stuff, keep building on this belief. If it is not helpful just take a moment now to rewrite it, yes on paper. Create a new belief that positively reinforces the truth. That YOU can do it!!

Armed with this list, repeat them to yourself daily, as often as you can, especially before, during and after you are communicating. It works. I have tried and tested this one extensively… :0)

Trusting your intuition - Guinea pigThe second question was, what childhood memories do you have of communicating with animals. These can be used or adapted to assist your return to your true sensitivity. The same principle applies as to your beliefs. Positive helpful memories, replay them in your mind, over and over, perhaps with a lovely belief of “I am so good at listening with my heart, it is my birthright.” or other words that you prefer. Any less helpful memories, take a few moments to recreate new memories of how you were able to hear the animals, make it as vivid as you can, using any or all of your senses to help, in your mind and heart, then regularly replay these mini movies in your mind.

What gets in the way of being able to hear the animals was the third question. Take each item you have written down and ask the following questions of them:

Is this true? How do I know? What if it weren’t true? What else is possible? What can I do to help myself to overcome these perceived limitations? Who can I go to for some assistance or guidance? How can I practice more? Will I allow myself to practice more? When?Lambs

Finally, the fourth question was is there anything you are afraid of when communicating with animals? Again, take a look at your answers and ask the same questions as above. You may also want to consider some of these questions too:

What would you gain from being able to allow yourself to receive communication from animals? What would the animals gain from feeling truly listened to?

Remember also, that we receive communication from animals in all sorts of ways, it is not about necessarily hearing words in your mind, it can happen as our brain translates their thoughts, but equally likely we might feel emotions or sensations, heat or cold, fear or happiness, tense muscles or powerful limbs. We might see colours, or images, still pictures or movies that play in our mind, we might smell different aromas or get a funny taste in our mouths. We might cry or laugh with no sense of that coming from ourselves. So a great belief to add into your list is to broaden your sense of what intuitive communication is all about. You are already receiving myriad pieces of communication, you can’t not… The real question is are you allowing yourself to receive them and noticing them for what they truly are?

Honey beeOne last thing for this month’s post. One crucially important thing to bear in your heart and mind when practicing intuitive communication is this – lighten up! Only when you are centred, peaceful, relaxed and grounded are you going to be most receptive to incoming thoughts from others…. Let go of expectations, be playful and light hearted with the animals and they will share with you magical insights, honour and love in its purest sense. Now that is something worth practicing, isn’t it?

See you next month in Catties wonderful Animal Wellness Guide, I will be sharing with you the connections between intuitive communication and healing and how we can all integrate them into our day to day life for the benefit of all.

Love and light to all, Julie xxxxx

Julie Lines

Julie Lines

Founder and Owner at Voice of the Animals
Julie is one of the UK’s most respected animal communicators, co-founder of the Awakening to Animals International Conferences, Reiki practitioner, teacher and author. Learn more about Julie
Julie Lines


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