Internal Liver Wind and Seizure Disorders

The Liver, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is responsible for the harmonious flow of chi, life-promoting energy, throughout the dog’s body. The Liver is greatly affected by Wind because Wind can block or disrupt the harmonious flow of chi when it’s internalized.

Take a minute to think of windy day with the trees bending and then righting themselves, autumn leaves blowing in all directions, and that sense of confusion you get when the wind is blowing chaotically. Now take those images and feelings and put them on the inside of your body. How does it feel?

When the smooth flow of Liver chi is disrupted by Internal Wind it can lead to the animal experiencing a seizure. Hence, Internal Liver Wind is seen as a Liver imbalance. There are a number of factors which can contribute to this Liver imbalance such as yin chi and/or blood deficiency. The Liver plays many roles in the body including the storage and replenishment of blood.
If the Liver is weak due to age or illness, it cannot provide a balanced flow of chi and nourishing blood. When yin chi and/or blood are compromised, yang chi can increase and become excessive – this is known as “Liver Yang Rising.” In TCM, seizures are a Liver imbalance where the excessive activity of yang chi affects the dog mentally and physically.

There are specific acupressure points, also called “acupoints,” known help rebalance Liver function. The acupressure chart below includes acupoints which can dispel Liver Wind – Large Intestine 4 (LI 4), enhance Liver Yin – Spleen 6 (Sp6), replenish blood flow – Spleen 10 (Sp 10), and generally support the rebalancing of Liver function – Liver 3 (Liv 3).

By offering your dog this acupressure session every three to five days, there’s a good possibility you can reduce the frequency and intensity of his seizures. To resolve your dog’s seizures, it would be wise to consult your holistic veterinarian and work with an acupressure practitioner who can assess your dog’s particular condition and support his individual issues directly.

Seizure disorders: Acupoints-for-canine-seizures

Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis
Amy and Nancy are co-founders of Tallgrass Publishers and Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. They have been in the complementary animal health field for over 35 years, have co-authored many books, and teach acupressure and tui na worldwide. Learn more about Amy and Nancy
Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis


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