How To Do Crystal Healing With Animals

Last month, I introduced myself as a crystal energy therapist offering advice on crystal healing for animals. Healing crystalsThis month, I will describe some basic crystal healing etiquette and two simple methods for using crystals on animals.

Healing is a very intimate activity. One’s defenses must be lowered to permit an energetic exchange between the healer and the client. Not every animal or human has learned how to lower their defenses to allow crystal healing. When personal energy fields are open and free of defenses, energy is exchanged quickly with the crystal. Crystals are dynamic and have fluidity, meaning energy flows to and from the crystal effortlessly. Thus, unwanted energies are quick to release. When energy fields are closed, there is resistance to release unwanted energy, sometimes resentment to change, and occasionally a delayed healing crisis.

When I begin working with an animal, I ensure there is a mutual personal non-threatening connection. I ask for permission both from the animal and through the owner. I ask for the owner to explain who I am to the animal and to grant permission on behalf of the animal to allow healing to be performed for their highest good.

Recently, I visited Finn, an energetic 3-year old black Lab owned by a friend. I laid out four crystals (Amethyst. Rose Quartz, Lepidolite and Citrine) on a coffee table. I hadn’t even selected a crystal to work with whenFinn immediately there was vocalizing, “woo-woo-woo” by Finn. He was showing both excitement and confusion in feeling the crystal energy. He wanted to get to his owner for reassurance but to do so, he’d have to pass by the crystals lying on the edge of the coffee table. After a few false starts, he went by the crystals on the table and passed between me and the crystals. As he did so, I could feel him suddenly release a pile of stale energy, an accumulation from various people patting his back and leaving their energy signatures. I did not even need to hold the crystals near him.

He finally settled down near his owner but it was clear that holding any crystals to him would be too much for him to handle. He felt what was going on but was confused because of the massive energy released. No further action was necessary after this healing crisis although Finn’s owner was surprised by Finn’s reaction to the crystals. A few biscuits later, Finn was alright and well centred again.

So, spend some time getting to know your animal client. Observe how the animal displays pleasure and/or pain so you know how to read their signals and note the pace of their energy as a clue on what to expect. Finn’s energy was noted to be fast and changeable as observed when he was outside darting among bushes before settling inside for the healing session. I was expecting a dynamic healing energy and certainly that’s what happened.

I was looking through some You Tube videos taken by people using crystals to heal animals. I could see that they were moving too quickly with the crystals, causing displeasure such as tail tapping and swishing, or a paw reaching out to stop the activity altogether! In some cases the animal showed a lack of interest by ignoring the proceedings. When the animal senses something good for itself, it will usually stay and want more. When the animals feel they can no longer benefit from hanging around, they will move away. The animal may even turn a part of its body towards the healer to be sure you get the right spots for healing. My dog Tara humps her back and pushes hard into the crystal. Nothing like a good scratch with a crystal too!

Crystal Healing Methods

There are two methods for using crystals for healing: active and passive. Active healing would be using a crystal or wand to breakup and flick away unwanted energy patterns. Hold the crystal or wand and flip the tip close to the area of energy congestion, lifting out the unwanted energy and flicking away the energy of the disease or condition. If an animal moves around a lot, using the active method would be best. It is fast and you can move with the animal, keeping pace with them.

In passive healing, a crystal is held near or directly on the area of disease or condition with minimal or stationary movement. This allows for intense healing and infusion of the properties of the crystals into the immediate area. Before putting a crystal on the animal, I offer the crystal to the animal and let them sniff it. My dog, Mandy will give the crystal a quick lick as her nod of approval. I use the weight of my hand to mimic the weight of the crystal, pulling my hand away gently and replacing it with the crystal. The crystal may be chilled to provide cool relief to inflamed areas, if tolerated. Heating crystals should be done using warm water and tested for heat intensity before placing it on the animal. Be sure the animal doesn’t try to swallow any crystals.

Crystal healing with MandyThis is a photo of Mandy, my 8 year old Lhasa Apso getting a passive crystal healing. Mandy is lying still and snoozing under the weight of Rose Quartz (mid-back) and Lepidolite (middle and bottom) to ease her muscles tension and back discomfort. At her left side is a large Citrine to assist with digestive issues.

Mandy is resting easy but the crystals are busy working with her energy field, repairing tissues, removing inflammation and restructuring energy patterns for healing and wholeness. I can feel the energy realignment by holding my hand over the area where the crystal is. It feels like a slight energy current or vibration. Some people feel heat or coldness a few inches above the area when working with crystals. Mandy’s energy release was certainly softer than Finn’s rapid energy release.

When the healing is completed, you may feel the energy flow stops. Sometimes the animal signals a response by walking away or shifting to cause the crystals to fall off. Remove the crystals slowly and gently from the animal’s energy field to prevent tears in their aura. I like to fluff up the aura a bit after a crystal healing to integrate the energies by fanning my hands a few inches above their body. For long-term issues, you might use crystal collars or other devices that keep a crystal attached to the animal. However remember that an animal can be sensitive to the intensity of a healing crystal and more is not necessarily better.

As usual, let the animal show their appreciation for the healing session. Mandy gives me great big sloppy licks on the backs of my hands. Tara on the other hand just sneezes and prances around, happy in the lightness of her being. At the end of a crystal healing, remember to cleanse your crystals in salt water for at least 7 hours or smudge your crystals with smoldering sage or sweet grass for a minute or two to clear unwanted energies. Recharge your crystals in the sun for a few hours to restore their healing energies. For more information about crystals, please read my book, The Complete Idiots Guide to Crystals.

Next time, I’ll write a follow-up about the crystals used in the barn for a cows herd.
© Karen Ryan, 2013

Karen Ryan, MLS, MBA, PMP
Karen Ryan is a Crystal Energy Therapist, Spiritual Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and Crystal Radionics Therapist. Karen teaches crystal therapy, consults on using crystals with animals worldwide, and is the author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Crystals. Learn more about Karen

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