Friday Links: Smart Dogs, Problem Solving Mules, Essential Oil and MRSA

Dogs May Understand The Human Point of ViewAre they coming?

This isn’t really news to anyone who has ever lived with a dog, but it’s now confirmed by scientific research: dogs know that they can get away with things when you’re not looking. In a study conducted by Dr. Juliane Kaminski of the University of Portsmouth’s Department of Psychology, dogs were told, in a brightly lit room, that they were not allowed to eat some food that was present. They obeyed, but as soon as the lights were out, they quickly ate it, suggesting that they know that we can’t see them in the dark.


Missed Your Flight? Look For Furry Comfort at LAX

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has launched a new program – Pets Unstressing Passengers (“PUP”) – to help travelers with the ever increasing stressfulness of air travel. A number of dogs will stroll around the departure area with their handlers to offer a bit of welcome distraction, stress relief and even airport information (presumably through their handlers), according to LAX’s press release. I hope every airport around the world follow suit!
Los Angeles World Airports


Mules Are Excellent Problem Solvers

A joint study by Dr. Britta Osthaus of Canterbury Christ Church University and The Donkey Sanctuary in Devon, England, where the problem-solving skills of horses, donkeys and mules were investigated, found that the mules were faster and better at solving problems than horses, donkeys and dogs (who had been tested the same way in an earlier study).

Dr. Osthaus said: “Interestingly, and rather surprisingly, donkeys and mules are more flexible in their learning than horses and even dogs. This means there is a lot going on between those long ears. They are not stubborn: they stop and think.”
Canterbury Christ Church University
The Donkey Sanctuary


Helichrysum Essential Oil

Helichrysum Essential Oil Reduces Multidrug Resistance

A study at the University of Corsica found that Helichrysum italicum essential oil (aka Immortelle or Everlasting) greatly reduced drug resistance in the gram-negative bacterial species Pseudomonas aeruginosa, E coli, Acinetobacter baumannii and Enterobacter aerogenes. Geraniol, one of the components of helichrysum, (which we learned earlier is also an excellent bug repellent) was found to significantly increase the effectiveness of several broad-spectrum antibiotics.

Helichrysum is an amazing oil with many healing properties. In Applied Zoopharmacognosy, it is often offered to animals who have been neglected and lack confidence, and it is also very effective (for both humans and animals) for wounds, bruises and scars; any skin disorder really. I use it my homemade “cuts and bites” gel and it works wonders.
American Society for Microbiology


Touching Story of the Week: Blind Dog’s Best Friend Is Also His Guide Dog

When Labrador Retriever Eddie went blind, his best friend (and family member) Milo naturally took on the job as his guide dog. Milo helps Eddie play, walks him on a leash, and even brings him to their owner when she calls them.
The Daily Mail

Cattie Coyle

Cattie Coyle

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Cattie is the founder and editor of Animal Wellness Guide. She is a freelance photographer, graduate of Bancroft School of Massage Therapy’s small animal program, and has studied Applied Zoopharmacognosy. Learn more about Cattie
Cattie Coyle
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