Friday Links: New Bird Species, Duck Gets New Foot, Dog Saves Owner

New Species of Bird Discovered in CambodiaOrthotomus chaktomuk

Scientists have discovered a previously unknown bird species right in the capital city of Phnom Penh. The small, grey red-capped bird has been named Cambodian tailorbird, Orthotomus chaktomuk, and Simon Mahood of the Wildlife Conservation Society said “The modern discovery of an un-described bird species within the limits of a large populous city – not to mention 30 minutes from my home – is extraordinary”
Wildlife Conservation Society

Buster: The Newest Employee at York County Courthouse

On June 18, black lab Buster from Susquehanna Service Dogs, reported for his first day of work as a full time employee at the York County Courthouse, PA. After receiving an official ID badge, he was ready to go to work, providing emotional support for offenders in the county’s treatment courts. According to Washington-based non-profit Courthouse Dogs, York County is the first jurisdiction in the nation to incorporate a graduate facility dog from an assistance dog organization and handled by probation staff to assist offenders in their recovery.
Courthouse Dogs

Duck Buttercup Gets Foot Prosthesis

Buttercup the Pekin duck was born with one of his feet turned backwards, making it painful and difficult for him to walk and swim. Lucky for Buttercup, he was adopted by Mike Garey of Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary, who created a prosthetic foot for him, and it is working like a charm!
Feathered Angels Waterfowl Sanctuary / Buttercup on Facebook

ASPCA Launches Photo Database of USDA-Licensed Dog BreedersNo Pet Store Puppies

With so many dogs in shelters, it amazes me that anyone would ever consider buying a dog in a pet store, but if you overhear anyone thinking about doing that, encourage them to first take a look at No Pet Store Puppies, a new website by the ASPCA. It contains 10,000 photos of USDA-licensed commercial dog breeding facilities and links some of them to specific pet stores that have sold their puppies within the past year. It is a heart wrenching sight, to say the least.
ASPCA/No Pet Store Puppies

Amazing Story of The Week: Dog Stops Burglars AND Saves Owner From Gas Explosion

When burglars entered the home of a blind Philadelphia woman and turned on the gas, her guide dog not only chased them out of the house, she also pushed a button on an emergency phone, and the emergency personnel arrived in time to get them both out of the house before the gas either suffocated both of them or caused an explosion.
NBC Philadelphia

Cattie Coyle

Cattie Coyle

Founder and Editor at Animal Wellness Guide
Cattie is the founder and editor of Animal Wellness Guide. She is a freelance photographer, graduate of Bancroft School of Massage Therapy’s small animal program, and has studied Applied Zoopharmacognosy. Learn more about Cattie
Cattie Coyle
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