Friday Links: Altruistic Animals, Homeopathy and Cancer, Hero Dog Returns Home

No More Cosmetics Animal Testing in India

India recently banned animal testing for cosmetics, making them the first country in South Asia to do so. The Humane Society International’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign manager in India, Alokparna Sengupta, said “This is a major victory for countless animals who will no longer be made to suffer, and it is a proud moment for India”.
The Times of India

© Karin Higgins/UC Davis

© Karin Higgins/UC Davis

Hero Dog Kabang Returns Home

In December of 2011, Philippine shepherd mix Kabang saved her owner’s daughter and niece by jumping in the way of a motorcycle that would have otherwise hit the girls. Kabang was struck instead and lost her upper snout and jaw in the process, but thanks to donations from people all over the world, she was flown to the US for treatment. She arrived at UC Davis in October last year, where it was discovered that she was also suffering from heartworm and cancer. The veterinarians successfully treated the heartworm and cancer and were then able to perform surgery. While there were unable to reconstruct Kabang’s upper jaw, the wounds are healed and in late May, she was finally given a clean bill of health, and returned home to the Philippines in early June.
UC Davis

Homeopathy And Cancer in Animals

The link below leads to a very interesting article by UK Veterinarian Sue Armstrong on her approach to treating cancer in pets, incorporating homeopathy with allopathic medicine.
Homeopathy in Practice

Breakthrough FIP Discovery

Researchers at Cornell have discovered why a normally harmless virus mutates and turns into feline infectious peritonitis (FIP). It is a fatal disease that kills cats within a couple of weeks, and there has so far been no cure for it. But with this discovery, the researchers hope to be able to develop diagnostic tools and treatments for the disease.
Cornell University

Are Animals Altruistic?

The video below is a very interesting (and entertaining) talk by Prof. Frans de Waal of Emory University on altruism and empathy in animals (the grape experiment is my favorite part!)

Altruistic Animals

Cattie Coyle

Cattie Coyle

Founder and Editor at Animal Wellness Guide
Cattie is the founder and editor of Animal Wellness Guide. She is a freelance photographer, graduate of Bancroft School of Massage Therapy’s small animal program, and has studied Applied Zoopharmacognosy. Learn more about Cattie
Cattie Coyle
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