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With over 10 years experiences of working with flower essences and animals an unusual thing started to happen. Whilst making up the essences for an animal, Lupinesthe animal would become calmer and less stressed even though they had not taken the essences. It made me re-evaluate the flower essences with a different understanding of how flower essences actually work.

Take a moment to let go of your preconceptions of flower essences; don’t be trapped by the confines of your own mental state of understanding. If we take the stance that we are all “one” then there is no me and no you, there can only be unity and oneness.

If a scientist puts a flower essence under the microscope and methodically tested it, they would only find traces of alcohol and, of course, the water that carries the energy. So where is that flower energy? You cannot see it, you cannot measure it, yet the “life force” energy it has is so vibrant and healing. The fact that we cannot see it does not mean that it does not exist.

Cat and flowersWith the concept of “oneness” you are able to treat an animal on the other side of the world without actually giving the animal any contents of the treatment bottle. This has happened to me on so many occasions now that I make a point to connect to the energy of the animal I am working with while I make up the essence. When we break things down on a spiritual level and we connect the energy of the flowers to the energy of the soul it makes perfect sense. Dr. Bach believed that that the Bach Flowers were to help a person find their true “soul’s destiny, as when we deviate from what the soul needs, then unhappiness and frustration sets in. When we follow the path of our true soul’s intention then we are truly happy.

How To Do “Distance Healing” with Flower Essences

Make up the treatment bottle in the same way you usually would, then bring out a picture of the animal that you are treating and hold the intention that you are offering the remedy to the animal. In this powerful intention, the “life force” energy is able to connect to the animal. If you understand what this oneness space means, you will know that there is no distance or time. By placing the flower remedy over the picture and ideally a piece of hair (called a “witness” of the animal), the animal is indeed receiving the “life force” energy of the flowers. You can even create a little flower essence shrine with the photo and the treatment bottle. Keep the shrine clean and dust free. Shake the bottle and offer with intention to the animal the flower essence morning and night. There is no need to decant any drops from the bottle, as it is the energy that is inside the bottle that is important and not the liquid itself.

I truly believe that once an animal knows that you are trying to help them, they are able to connect to the energy of the flowers even if they live hundreds and even thousands of miles away. There is no issue with distance or time as “flower energy” has no constraints to keep it trapped within our own concepts of these rules.

With the concept of oneness, I wondered what if you wore the essence in a vial and did not take it, would the effects be the same as taking it? Well, they are actually the same and animals have proven this again and again in experiments that I have completed.

Case Study

The interesting thing about this case is that Otis’ behaviour began to change as soon as I dowsed for his essences. Without even taking them, he was able to workFlower essences case study: Otis with the “life force” energy of the flowers.

Otis had been quite dominant to the other dogs in his household and would run at full pelt and barge into them. He was very unsettled when his owner left and would often chew holes in the furniture.

Flower Essence Report for Otis 25/10/2014

Chosen by Otis on 23/10/14 using dowsing by connecting to his inner soul.

Otis is showing that he has hidden fears; he may not truly understand what he is fearful of. It could be something that was derived from puppyhood and is probably something that you are not even aware of. Betony will help him to make sense of what is going on and it will help him to move forward.

Black Locust
Otis tested REALLY strongly for this essence and it is the first time I have ever used it. Transcribing the meaning into something that would be meaningful to a dog would be difficult. For some reason he is feeling vulnerable, a victim of a “psychic attack”, which for an animal I am sure would not make sense; but whatever it is it is making him feel nervous, and this uncertain feeling is making him defenceless at times.

Cherry Plum
This is, by far, my most favourite flower essence and also an ingredient of Rescue Remedy. It is for animals who lose control but the loss of control can literally be anything from the chewing of the sofa, the licking of his willy, the dashing like a bullet. This essence will allow Otis to be who he is meant to be, but will help him to take stock of life.

Deep Red Peony
This is a very powerful essence that will search into his innermost being. It will bring light to Otis’ worries, which will work hand-in-hand with the first two essences. It is has been used with children who have attention deficit and hyperactivity syndrome. It is for those who see the world as a frightening place and feel disempowered and alone. I truly feel by the choice of that Otis has made, that there is something unnerving him and he does not know how to make sense of it. Deep Red Peony is the key to unlocking his worries.

Dog Rose
This essence will offer comfort and support to Otis, as he starts to see clearly the road ahead. It will offer support if things get difficult. It offers loving protection and will give Otis immediate relief from any uncertainty. Sometimes it is difficult to put some of the essences into animal terms, but my feeling is always that our animals know better. Otis chose this essence and it fits in well with his other choices.

Holly Leaf
Otis is feeling pent up; it is difficult to say that it is anger, but it could be frustration. There are two forms of anger; the first is a natural reaction to unreasonable provocation. However, if for any reason Otis is unable to deal with his frustration as it rises, it will be held within the mind and the body and can emerge as resentment. It is the retained anger that will cause difficulties for Otis. Holly leaf will help Otis by offering him a breathing space to let go of his frustration. It will also take the “sting” out of the situation by deflecting any intended desire to “hurt” symbolically or actually any other dog.

The thing about Otis was that the problem was not as what it seemed, even when taking the flower essence. Otis not only quieted down a small bit, but what unfolded was something more powerful than I expected. The realisation by the owner that Otis was just being Otis, young vibrant and full of beans. In a quest to heal Otis, I actually helped his owner to understand her beautiful dog.


He does seem to be calming down a little (though whether that’s due to us being at home constantly over Christmas, which means he’s more active/not anxious I’m not sure); however, his obsession with Mali’s urine and his licking of his willy still continues the same as it always has. The conclusion I’m coming to is that we are trying to correct a “behaviour” when in actual fact it’s just his personality and he will grow out of it as he matures. You have been wonderful in your quest to find an essence that would hit the jackpot.

Thank you so, SO much for everything you have done and I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

January 2015 – Hoof and Paw Experiment

Flower essence collarWith my scientific mind, I have started to make collars for dogs with a flower essence vial attachment. Wearing the essence has the same power as taking the essence. I choose the essences in the same way that I would if I would choosing them for a treatment bottle. And place 2 drops of each essence into the vial this is then attached to a collar. The feedback I have received has been quite magical. There has been noticeable improvement in the behavior of the dog, whether they become calmer or less stressed. By wearing the vial, the energy of the flowers are able to work to bring balance to the aura and actually to the whole physical body of the animal.

The collars are available from my website: http://www.emotionalhealing4animals.co.uk/apps/webstore/products/category/1051525?page=1

Caroline Thomas
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