Holistic Animal Health Schools – Italy

The schools in Italy are listed in alphabetical order.

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Valeria Boissier
Via Garibaldi 27
51037 Montale (PT)
Phone: +39 335 5438462
Email: bacchus29@gmail.com
Workshops and courses in animal communication and Tellington TTouch for dogs

Federica Maggi
Phone: +39 340 8953369
Email: info@dfordog.it
Workshops and classes in Tellington TTouch for dogs

L’Accademia Internazionale per lo studio della Comunicazione con il Cane
Daniela G. Salvi
Via Olmata Tre Cancelli, 40
00062 – Bracciano (ROMA)
Phone: 347 7704556
Email: scuola@stefanocattinelli.it
Animal communication and Bach flower therapy workshops

Tellington TTouch
Small Animals
Anne Bigi-Schuster
Phone: +39 0571-674237
Email: abs.tteam@libero.it
Valeria Boissier
Phone: +39 335 5438462
Email: bacchus29@gmail.com
Dr. Silvia Torresani e Dr. Massimo Da Re
Cell: +39 3357267675 or 3356640379
email: darevets@yahoo.it
TTouch and TTEAM courses for small animals and horses