Holistic Animal Health Schools – Denmark

The schools in Denmark are listed in alphabetical order.

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BIO Dyreklinikken/ Danske Eksaminerede Hundemassører
Højdevej 14
3500 Værløse
Phone: +45 70 20 11 44
Email: biodyr@email.dk
Canine massage certification courses

Anita Bakkegård Hansen
Nyrupvej 23
4350 Ugerløse
Phone: +45 5918 8031
Email: post@anitabakkegaardhansen.dk
Courses in animal kinesiology, acupressure and telepathy

Hippo-Logic Training
Maj-Britt M Carter
Bækkegårdsvej 23
8800 Viborg
Phone: +45 8664 5415
Email: majbritt@hippo-logisk.com
Classes in communicating with horses (based on Monty Roberts’ technique)

Kibaji Hundemassage
Skovbrynet 5
4671 Strøby
Phone: +45 26 84 96 23
Email: kibaji@kibaji.dk
Canine massage, stretching and agility workshops

The Equine Academy
Gitte Andersen Søby
Thostrupvej 15
8881 Thorsø, Denmark
Phone: +45 2533 4284/+45 8696 7876
Email: gitte.soeby@mail.dk
Certified Horse Therapist and Certified Equine Massage Therapist courses

The Equine Touch
Eva Lønborg-Madsen
Ordrup Jagtvej 91, 1.tv.
2920 Charlottenlund
Cell: +45 2280 1203
Email: eva@equinetouch.dk
Equine Touch courses, also at clients’ stables