EFT Helps A Dog With Aggression

Today’s featured healing modality is EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. It is a really interesting and (on the surface at least) easy method to clear up mental and physical issues. I say on the surface, because you have to get to the root of the problem, and figuring out just which stressful event led to your current problem can be a challenge.

What Is EFT?

EFT, or tapping as it is also called, is an energy healing method, where tapping on certain meridian points can help release fear, anxiety, addiction, phobias, chronic pain, allergies, etc. It was invented by Gary Craig (based on the work of Dr. Roger Callahan, an American psychologist who developed a similar system called TFT) and is used by people all over the world.

How Does EFT Work?

Simply put, you tap with your fingertips on certain points along the meridians while focusing on the fear, negative feeling, pain or whatever else it is you want to get rid of and say (or think) a little affirmation, for example: “Even though my lower back really hurts, I completely accept myself”.

The thought is that all issues (physical as well as psychological) stem from negative emotions caused by the distressing memory of an incident. This blocks the energy, causing all sorts of problems, and when you tap on the points, you remove the blocks and the energy can start flowing again. You will still remember the incident, but it will cease to cause you any stress or physical pain.

Which Points Should You Tap?EFT-tapping-points

Each point (9 in all) should get a minimum of 7 taps, and the basic routine starts on the side of your hand (this one is known as the karate chop). The point is located on the fleshy part of the hand, halfway between the little finger and the wrist (small intestine meridian). Next is (in this order):

  • the top of the head (right on the crown chakra)
  • the “nose end” of the eyebrow (bladder meridian)
  • the outer edge of your eye (gall bladder meridian)
  • on the bone underneath the eye (stomach meridian)
  • under the nose (governing meridian, GV-26, also a fabulous emergency point for motion sickness, coma, cardiac arrest, shock, asphyxia, stroke, heat exhaustion, convulsions, and epilepsy)
  • under the lower lip, in the depression between the lip and the chin (central meridian)
  • just underneath the bony “knob” on the medial side of one clavicle (kidney meridian)
  • under the arm, about 4″ below the armpit in line with your bra (spleen meridian)

So 7 taps on each, while repeating the affirmation. Some people are able to heal after only one session, for others it takes several. There is also GAMUT points (all on the hand) that people use at times when the energy gets stuck, and other points you can tap as well, but this is the basic routine.

You can do it on yourself and on others, and there are also certified practitioners who can help, either in person, over the phone or distantly by using a photo. Most people get started by taking one of the many workshops that are offered all over the country, and there are also lots of free tutorials and guides online.

How To Use EFT On Animals

When you use EFT on an animal, instead of tapping on the animal, it is recommended that you tap on yourself or a surrogate (like a stuffed toy) instead. You focus on the issue of the animal, and use the same type of affirmation as above, worded a little bit differently (for example: “Even though Bella barks at everyone who walks by, I love and accept her”), while tapping through the same points as you would use on yourself. You actually don’t even have to know the name of the animal. If you for example want to help a horse you don’t know the name of, you just say “Even though this horse is cribbing, I completely love and accept him”.

Meet Allison Culver

Allison Culver is the Assistant Director of The Lightfoot Way in Houston, TX, where she and owner Allison CulverKim Shotola offer a variety of holistic treatments as well as courses and workshops in many different healing modalities, including animal massage, Reiki, EFT, nutrition, kinesiology, and aromatherapy.

Allison discovered holistic healing after her cats died from a common disease and she wanted to find a natural way to help improve the lives of all her animals. Today, she is a holistic care consultant and instructor, volunteers with HOPE (Homeless and Orphaned Pet Endeavor), and was involved with No Kill Houston, an organization that works towards a goal to make all shelters no kill. Allison shares her life with her two dogs and two cats (who are all adopted).

After reading the case study and writing this post, I found I had some questions for Allison and thought I’d share them and her answers here:

Allison, how many sessions does it usually take to get rid of an issue when you are working with an animal?
One treatment will usually do the trick as you can feel the unblocking, but some cases require tapping more than once – now, during one session you may go 3 – 4 rounds, and usually that is all that is needed.

Does EFT work better on certain issues than others?
It totally depends on the particular animal as I like to describe EFT as Reiki on Red Bull. EFT actually touches the body by tapping on acupressure points and is not as subtle as Reiki. Some animals are more sensitive to the energy and do better with Reiki.

What types of animals does it work on?
All if they muscle test for it. Refer to answer from number 2.

So you always use kinesiology (muscle testing) before doing EFT on animals?
Yes, I use kinesiology for everything relating to animals – their diet, supplements, crystals, energy work, flower essences, etc… I use it for my family, as well.

Do you muscle test on the animal or on a surrogate?
Most often we work by distance so I will be using a surrogate or my intention set on a photo.

Do you find that some animals are more receptive to EFT than others?
Again, this is best said in number 2. It depends on the animal and the issue, but I have had wonderful results with EFT as it works quickly.

Do you use a surrogate when working with animals or do you tap directly on them?
I muscle test first to see which is better for the animal. 9 times out of 10 it tests best to use a surrogate to tap on rather than the actual animal. I have an EFT bear with the EFT points sewn on in citrine that I use (citrine as it never needs to be cleansed and I can use it on different animals without mixing energies).

I read that you don’t use a script, does that mean you don’t do the specific points in the order Gary Craig says to do them, and repeat the affirmation?
I DO use the exact pattern of Gary Craig, but rather than say “set statements” I talk in conversation form as it is being channeled to me, and I speak as I go through the tapping in points in order. On the karate chop I always say the affirmation statement.

What advice would you give someone who wants to try this on their own pet?
Always muscle test to be sure the energy is right for the animal and set your intention that the EFT always be offered for the greater good.

So people should learn how to muscle test first and then move on to EFT?
You can offer EFT without muscle testing (I recommend one muscle test, though). If you do start EFT on an animal without muscle testing, watch for signs that the energy might not be the best modality for this animal such as acting irritated, trying to leave the room or in rare cases a behavior may get worse as a sign of the emotional healing – known as a healing crisis. This does not happen often. Also, if you do not see results – it may be that the issue you chose to work on is not the root of the issue. Try rewording your dialogue or formula a little bit.

EFT Case Study
by Allison Culver

My 40lb chow/border collie mix Petey was very aggressive and would lunge and snap at anyone going by our house… the biggest issue was that he would attack anyone that came to visit when they were trying to LEAVE our house after the visit. He actually bit our plumber!!

We decided to do EFT on him and started our tapping process with the tag line being “Barking and biting when visitors leave our house”. As we tapped through the acupressure points – we connected with Petey and felt his despair.

It turned out that all this had started when thieves jumped over our patio fence and stole our bikes off of the patio. Petey felt like a failure because he did not protect his house or us – he took on the feeling of betrayal, my husband felt, and vowed he would never let that happen again. So, anytime someone came over he would not let them leave because he was afraid they were stealing stuff. By unblocking this very emotion in one EFT session, we were able to tap and say “It is ok to release guests if mom and dad let them in”

He is amazing now. He even lays next to the plumber or painter while they are in our house working.

After doing EFT on Petey only this one time his aggression issue was resolved. I find it an amazing tool to have and use when acute emotional issues are causing problems.

Cattie Coyle

Cattie Coyle

Founder and Editor at Animal Wellness Guide
Cattie is the founder and editor of Animal Wellness Guide. She is a freelance photographer, graduate of Bancroft School of Massage Therapy’s small animal program, and has studied Applied Zoopharmacognosy. Learn more about Cattie
Cattie Coyle
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