Crystal Healing For Cows

A while ago, I responded to a reader’s question about using crystals with cows for improving the health of the animals. I was contacted further by Susan from Michigan, USA, who makes crystal jewelry for horses, about helping a cow herd by using crystal healing. She had been working at a local farm Quartz and blue sodalitedoing Reiki on a cow. The milk from the cows on the farm is used in making commercial organic cheese. Everyone seems to know that a contented cow is important to maximize the yield of milk, and the temperament of one cow can influence the subtle nature of the whole herd. I suggested that a clear quartz crystal cluster with a deep blue sodalite (as seen on the right) would help calm the herd in the milking barn, and could increase the yield of milk.

Sodalite is a calming crystal, giving one a sense of peace, and is known to reduce stress and relieve mental worry. To amplify these healing effects in a large area such as a barn, the sodalite can be place in contact with a large quartz crystal cluster. The small points of the cluster help radiate the healing properties of the sodalite into the milking stalls.

I asked Susan for a follow-up after giving instructions on using the crystals. Susan was kind enough to provide some photos and a bit about her experiment using the crystals in the barn for the cow Hanging crystals in barnherd.

Susan placed the crystals in a nylon bag in the ceiling over the stalls. She positioned them so that each cow would receive some of the healing energy.

In the photo below at the top right, you will see a yellow bag of crystals hanging down from the ceiling. The crystals are some distance from the cows and will provide a change in the atmosphere. However, had the crystals been placed on a beam above the stalls closer to the cows, the cows might have felt a stronger influence.

Crystal healing with cows in the barn

After 2 weeks, Susan followed-up with the farm owner. The farm owner said she didn’t see much difference in the herd’s milking production, but wasn’t clear if there wasn’t some other effect she should have been looking for. Possibly if the cows were out to pasture most of the day, they might not have been exposed long enough to the crystals to make much difference. The owner noticed however, a difference in the calf barn. The calves seemed more settled.

Crystal healing with cow

The curiosity of this cow towards Susan’s chrysocolla crystal was evident!

Another way to work with animals or with groups/herds of animals out of doors is to place crystals as sentry on either side of a gate or natural passageway. When I lived in Nepal, I had large clusters of amethyst stationed near the doorway of my home. The intent was to provide a friendly healing environment for the pack dogs passing through. These street packs were kindly during the day but at night, like wolves you could hear them howl and fight. The next day at least one would arrive to sit by the crystals for healing and human attention.

If you have used crystals in barns for horses, cows or other domesticated or wild animals, please contact me. I would be interested in hearing about your results. My next post will be about healing animals with radionics – what’s possible, and what results can be expected.

© Karen Ryan, 2013

Karen Ryan, MLS, MBA, PMP
Karen Ryan is a Crystal Energy Therapist, Spiritual Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and Crystal Radionics Therapist. Karen teaches crystal therapy, consults on using crystals with animals worldwide, and is the author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Crystals. Learn more about Karen

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