Feline Emergencies: What Your Cat Won’t Tell You!


Cats are wonderful, amazing and elusive creatures. Most cats will instinctively conceal signs of injury and illness. In the wild, a sick or injured big cat quickly turns from predator to prey, so hiding signs of weakness has become an instinctual survival technique. In our homes, our beautiful domesticated creatures may retain these instincts, making […]

Internal Liver Wind and Seizure Disorders


The Liver, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is responsible for the harmonious flow of chi, life-promoting energy, throughout the dog’s body. The Liver is greatly affected by Wind because Wind can block or disrupt the harmonious flow of chi when it’s internalized. Take a minute to think of windy day with the trees bending and […]

Seizures in Dogs – What to Do, Causes and Treatment


A friend recently asked me if I knew of anything that could help her 12-year old Shih Tzu who recently started having seizures. Her vet said they are age related and not connected to any other health issue. Our Sadie had a couple of seizures too the year before she passed away; it was just […]

Massage Helps A Samoyed Get Back On His Feet And A PBGV With Epilepsy


I think many people don’t realize quite how powerful alternative therapies can be. Most people are aware that massage can help relieve stiff and sore muscles and loosen up scar tissue, but it can also be a tremendous help with many other conditions, both physical and psychological. We have talked about what massage is exactly earlier on […]