Homeopathy’s Answer to Tick Diseases

Homeopathy's answer to tick diseases

Finding a tick on your dog can be very distressing, especially with all the tick diseases that are emerging – lyme, ehrlichia, and anasplasmosis to name a few. As a homeopathic consultant, I’ve received more than a few frantic calls from dog owners after they’ve discovered an engorged tick on their dog. I understand everyone’s […]

Massage And Acupressure Treatment For Rabbit Digestion


Today’s post on rabbit digestion comes from Jodi McLaughlin. Jodi, a long-time holistic animal health provider, and owner and founder of The Blissful Bunny Massage Workshops, obviously has a soft spot for rabbits. I wrote about both acupressure and Jodi in more depth in a previous post, so I won’t repeat myself here, but don’t miss […]

The Basic Bunny Massage Strokes


Today, we have a guest post from Jodi McLaughlin, who was our featured practitioner in the Acupressure post (where there is also a detailed description of an acupressure session she performed on her rabbit Diego). Jodi, a Certified Holistic Small Animal Massage Practitioner, is the founder of The Blissful Bunny Massage Workshops. She has written […]

Alternative Healing Modality: Acupressure

Bunny Diego

Today’s post is about Acupressure. We had a number of acupressure classes when I was at Bancroft, but I have to confess that at the time, I was so focused on learning massage that I found it a bit overwhelming to look at health from a TCM perspective, which is pretty different from the way […]