CA animal owners: protect your right to choose before it is too late!

Cat and dog

Proposed wording in regards to Animal Rehabilitation (AR) will make it illegal for you, the animal owner, to use your current animal body worker for your animal’s bodywork session unless they are a veterinarian or a vet tech or licensed physical therapist under the onsite supervision of a veterinarian. The proposed AR wording change places […]

3 Reasons Animals Make The Best Meditation Teachers

Animals make the best meditation teachers

Can I admit something to you? It isn’t always easy for me to meditate. There are so many “human” challenges that can trip me up—an overactive mind that refuses to quiet, difficulty in accepting the present moment, or being so busy my energy is scattered all over the place. I want to share with you […]

Homeopathy’s Answer to Tick Diseases

Homeopathy's answer to tick diseases

Finding a tick on your dog can be very distressing, especially with all the tick diseases that are emerging – lyme, ehrlichia, and anasplasmosis to name a few. As a homeopathic consultant, I’ve received more than a few frantic calls from dog owners after they’ve discovered an engorged tick on their dog. I understand everyone’s […]

Q&A: Keeping Horse Hooves Healthy

Keeping Horse Hooves Healthy

Today’s post is a reader question: Q: What is the healthiest way to take care of horse hooves? And is there any benefit to have your horse go barefoot for any length of time? If so, when? Lola Michelin, Northwest School of Animal Massage: For many years, this was my weakest area of horsemanship; I […]

Equine Fitness and Acupressure


Equine fitness requires time, thought, and action for carriage horse and owner. There’s a lot to consider in developing an effective training program in preparation for competition. Experienced professional trainers offer guidance in condition and equine management. There are tons of books, DVDs, plus free videos on the Internet to help you along. Every owner […]

Your Horse’s Joints and Chi


A horse’s fluid body movement is completely dependent on the health of his joints. It follows that the health of the joints is dependent on a harmonious flow chi (life-promoting energy) surrounding and through these joints. Unfortunately, the free flow of chi through the horse’s joints can be easily obstructed by something as simple as […]

Boost Your Horse’s Immune System with Acupressure

Boost your horse's immune system with acupressure

Any deficiency in your horse’s immune system means his health is compromised. A healthy, balanced immune system supports your horse’s capacity to avoid disease, rebound from injury and enhances his overall vitality. Chinese Medicine Before people knew what a germ was, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctors in ancient times knew that the human and animal […]

Grooming Your Cat with Help from Acupressure


Feline cleanliness is a matter of survival and health. Because cats are predatory animals, if a cat were to emit an odor, their rodent-supper would be alerted to their whereabouts and get away. Additionally, to avoid attracting unwanted attention from prey animals, cats need to be extremely clean. Neither their prey nor predators should be […]

Equine Axis of Power Acupressure Session

Horse Axis-of-Power

Horses are natural athletes and they must keep moving to stay strong and healthy. In the wild, horses travel 20 to 30 miles in a day to forage. Body movement is imperative making the animal’s core strength essential. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), core strength means much more than the muscles of the barrel and […]

Acupressure For Keeping Your Horse Fit


Help your horse stay fit year-round. In the winter we all slow down and move less, and this can lead to loss of muscle tone and flexibility. When spring arrives our horses want to frolic and get moving again. However, their bodies may not be ready for increased activity, which can lead to early season […]