The Basic Bunny Massage Strokes


Today, we have a guest post from Jodi McLaughlin, who was our featured practitioner in the Acupressure post (where there is also a detailed description of an acupressure session she performed on her rabbit Diego). Jodi, a Certified Holistic Small Animal Massage Practitioner, is the founder of The Blissful Bunny Massage Workshops. She has written […]

Massaging Ducks And Other Waterfowl


Today, I am looking for your help. I love hearing from all of you who visit and read this blog. It is such a treat to get emails with comments and questions, and today I received one of the more unusual ones so far. This question is from Leah, who is writing a book and […]

Alternative Healing Modality: Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage

Lon and Jake

I think most people know what massage is at this point. Many have experienced it for themselves and know firsthand the wonderful effects it can have on your health and general well-being. I have often found, however, that there is still a huge misconception about massage for animals. Many think that is is just an […]

Book Review – A Dog Lover’s Guide To Canine Massage


Today’s review is long overdue, but here it is finally! A Dog Lover’s Guide to Canine Massage by Jody Chiquoine and Linda Jackson is a workbook for dog owners who want to learn the basics of massage for use on their own pets. Linda and Jody have been teaching canine massage therapy for many years, and […]

Comparison of Canine Massage Certificate Programs in the US

Canine massage certificate programs

Going back and forth between websites and trying to compare schools and programs can be both time consuming and confusing. To help save a little bit of time, I’ve put together a short comparison of the more comprehensive canine massage certificate programs available in the US (in order by state). Note that most of these […]

Featured School: Bancroft School of Massage


We are starting a new series here at Animal Wellness Guide – Featured Schools. I have invited several schools to participate, and first out is my own alma mater, Bancroft School of Massage in Worcester, MA. I was in one of the first classes to graduate from their small animal massage certification program, and while these […]

Animal Wellness Guide Guest Post Series: Jody Chiquoine

Jody Chiquoine

Today’s guest post comes from Jody Chiquoine, the founder and director of Fitter Critters, a canine rehabilitation and hydrotherapy facility in Lee, Massachusetts. When her Newfoundland Zowie was traumatically injured, Jody, a registered nurse for 34 years, used her expertise in rehabilitating people to help Zowie back to health. Inspired by this experience, Fitter Critters […]

Animal Wellness Guide Guest Post Series: Linda Jackson


I am very excited to present our first in a series of guest posts here at Animal Massage Guide. I thought reading about how others came to work with animals, and about their practices, would be a great inspiration to those of you who are thinking about starting your own animal health business. And for […]

Alternative Healing Modalities


There are many ways to promote health, and most holistic animal health practitioners are trained in more than one technique. I would like to point out that while most of us turn to one or several therapies to fix a problem or cure an illness, these are all wonderful as preventative therapies as well. I […]