Q&A: Testimonials and Word of Mouth Marketing


Testimonials and word of mouth is huge when it comes to selling anything or getting new clients. Many studies have shown that social proof is the biggest influence when people make a decision whether to buy a product or service or not. A recent survey on online reviews by Bright Local found that: 88% of […]

Business Monday: Marketing Strategy: Build Relationships


As little biz builders we tend to avoid interacting with the competition; they are the competition after all. You want to keep your clients, your products, and your strategies to yourself! We tend to ignore most of what other businesses are doing; we have enough to do on our own without wasting time on people […]

6 More Ideas For Marketing Your Animal Massage Business


Marketing is something many of us struggle with, and it’s easy to get stuck when trying to come up with new ways to market your business. But there are many different approaches you can take, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. I talked about some ideas to get the word out in my […]

10 Ideas For Marketing Your Animal Massage Business

Marketing ideas

Marketing your business is something you should be doing on a ongoing basis – it’s always better to have too many clients than too few (offer to put new clients on a waiting list if you can’t fit them in). Here are a few low (or no) cost ideas for how you can let people know […]