Homeopathy’s Answer to Tick Diseases

Homeopathy's answer to tick diseases

Finding a tick on your dog can be very distressing, especially with all the tick diseases that are emerging – lyme, ehrlichia, and anasplasmosis to name a few. As a homeopathic consultant, I’ve received more than a few frantic calls from dog owners after they’ve discovered an engorged tick on their dog. I understand everyone’s […]

Q&A: Dealing with Grief (for Humans and Animals)


Our experts offer advice for how to help heal bereaved pets (and people). We received a question from a reader asking for advice on how to deal with both her own and her dog’s grief. Our reader asked about crystals in particular, but many other complementary therapies can help as well, and since loss and […]

Calendula – A Must Have for Your Doggie First Aid Kit


Calendula, used to soothe cuts and rashes and any kind of wound, is a homeopathic remedy that no first-aid kit should be without. Calendula is made from the Garden marigold (Calendula officinalis). This flower has healing power that needs to be shouted from the rooftops. I’ve been using it at Save A Dog for a […]

How to Give Homeopathic Remedies to your Pet


Homeopathy is a system of medicine that heals by “energy” rather than chemicals. The remedies come in the form of little sugar pellets that are approximately the size of a sesame seed. When giving a homeopathic remedy to yourself, you tap one or two of the dry homeopathic pellets directly in your mouth and dissolve […]

New Regular Contributor: Animal Homeopath Shirley Moore


Shirley Moore is a professionally trained homeopath and the founder and director of the humane society Save A Dog in Sudbury, MA. Cattie: I first met Shirley at the Conference on Complementary Animal Healing in Boxborough, MA, a few years ago. She gave a presentation on homeopathy, and even though I had been using it […]

Thoughts On Complementary Medicine (and Shingles)


I recently had an opportunity to both try out a variety of complementary medicine therapies and to set a few misconceptions straight. We had planned a long-awaited weekend getaway – a relaxing, rejuvenating few days on the beach in Rhode Island without phones and internet, badly needed after not taking a break for many months. […]

Interview with Animal Homeopath Shirley Moore – Part 2


We’re back with part 3 of the homeopathy series – the last half of my interview with animal homeopath Shirley where she gives us tips on how to give our pets homeopathic remedies, shares lots more great information, her favorite remedies to keep on hand, ways you can learn if you want to study homeopathy […]

Interview with Animal Homeopath Shirley Moore – Part 1

Shirley Moore

Welcome to the second installment of our 3-part mini-series on homeopathy – the first half of my interview with animal homeopath Shirley Moore. As I mentioned in an earlier post – Notes From the Conference on Complementary Animal Healing – I had the pleasure of attending a talk on homeopathy for animals by Shirley this […]

Homeopathy Part 1 – What Is It and How Does It Work?

Organon of the Medical Art

This is part 1 in a 3-part mini series on Homeopathy. In this post, we’ll get a short introduction to and learn about the history of homeopathy, how it works and where it stands in medicine around the world today. Parts 2 and 3, which will be posted in the next few days, feature an […]

A Healer In Every Home – Dog And Cat Edition

A healer in every home

I have been using various homeopathic remedies every now and then on myself for many years now, but haven’t really studied the subject. Some were recommended to us by my husband’s acupuncturist, some I happened to come across on my own and found that they worked really well for me. We also used a few […]