Flower Power


With over 10 years experiences of working with flower essences and animals an unusual thing started to happen. Whilst making up the essences for an animal, the animal would become calmer and less stressed even though they had not taken the essences. It made me re-evaluate the flower essences with a different understanding of how […]

Think Your Animal Well: The Power of Positive Thinking


On the surface, your animal may appear to have all of their needs met, but fundamentally there still may be an underlying problem with their health. They have taken their flower essences correctly, and emotionally they are improving, yet there is still something wrong. I get lots of emails from people saying, “My vet cannot […]

SARA Animal Reiki Training in England September 5-8


SARA President Kathleen Prasad will once again be doing animal Reiki training at Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary in Essex, England. Remus is home to some of the oldest horses in the world and provides a wonderful and safe space for learning and for sharing Reiki. On September 5, Kathleen will be teaching a one-day Equine Reiki […]

Energy Therapies for Dogs and Humans

Energy healing

Today’s post is a great video talk by Jo Maldonado on energy therapies for both humans and dogs, and how our thoughts and feelings impact our animals. It’s easy to forget, but I have noticed again and again that when I’m working with an animal, especially those with emotional issues, my own energy level and […]

Healing Touch For Animals

Daisy Dawn Jack On Dock

Today’s featured therapy is Healing Touch for Animals, an energy healing modality which at first (and second) glance seems very similar to Reiki, but there are some differences between the two, as you will see further down in the post. What is Healing Touch for Animals®? Healing Touch for Animals, or HTA, was created by […]

Tong Ren Energy Healing For Animals


I first heard about Tong Ren a few years ago, when a friend of mine went to a workshop with her Mother. There were many people there with stories of miraculous recovery from various serious illnesses thanks to Tong Ren, and if you look it up online, you’ll find thousands more. Not too long ago, […]

Offering Reiki To A Horse (And Cat)


Today’s post comes from Kathleen Prasad, who was our featured practitioner in the very first post in this series (Alternative Healing Modality: Reiki). I went into more detail about what Reiki is and how it works in that post so I won’t repeat it here, but just quickly for those who are unfamiliar with it: […]

Reiki – Treating A Dog With Arthritis

Aileen D'Angelo

This case study of a dog with arthritis comes from Aileen D’Angelo, founder and owner of Hoof, Paw & Claw in Northborough, Massachusetts. Aileen is a Reiki Master and teacher and has been practicing Reiki since 1996. She is also an animal communicator and a certified Canine Trigger Point Myotherapist. A member of the Animal […]

Offering Reiki To Sheep


Many people would be surprised to learn that practitioners of alternative and complementary medicine not only focus on people’s pets, but also wildlife, zoo, and farm animals. It’s important to not forget about them, or take them for granted. They are living beings with feelings and emotions just like us, and deserve to be treated […]