Flower Essences for Grief and Loss


This is probably the hardest article that I have ever had to write; it comes from a place of such sadness, yet gives me the greatest insight into grief. I lost my father earlier this year after he had suffered from a long illness. For the last 15 months of his life my father was in […]

Assessing Pain In Animals


Assessing pain in animals can be tricky business. Animals have evolved to hide pain well in order to survive in the wild. While our pets need not fear losing their place in their pack these days, they still mask pain. First we should observe our pets at home, have them evaluated by a veterinary professional, […]

Enhancing Feline Digestion with Acupressure

Feline digestion

The feline is a natural predator and a protein obligate, that is, they must eat a high protein (meat-based) diet, which further explains why they have served humans since the days of the ancient Egyptians. Dining on mice gives a cat exactly the nutrition he needs including the small amount of grain from the rodents […]

Flower Essences For Early Abrupt Weaning

Cat mom with kitten

Christmas is the time of year when humans are giving and receiving. It is also the time of year when individuals are inclined to purchase cute kittens and puppies as gifts for their family. The initial union is filled with much optimism and happiness but after a few days, the reality of looking after a […]

Veterinary Nutrition: How To Choose The Right Food For Your Pet


We all know that eating right is extremely important, and consistently subsiding on a diet full of processed foods and saturated fat leads to a number of disorders and diseases. And it is just as important for our pets as it is for us, but with all the conflicting information out there, how do you […]

Animal Safety During Halloween, Fireworks Night and New Years

Dog and fireworks

It is the time of year when animals are exposed to fireworks and firecrackers. Fireworks are being used more and more as a way for us to celebrate; they are now commonplace at birthday parties, Christmas celebrations and New Years celebrations. While we may enjoy the brightly coloured flashes and loud sounds, unfortunately most of […]

Trip To The Vet: Calming Cats With Acupressure

Cat Calming Acupressure Points

Cats are, by their very nature, territorial and the thoroughly appreciate routine. Taking them away from their home and disrupting daily activities is usually stressful for our beloved felines. Their first reaction is to comment on your audacity with a deep guttural utterance – “how could you so unceremoniously remove me from my territory!” For […]

How To Do Crystal Healing With Animals


Last month, I introduced myself as a crystal energy therapist offering advice on crystal healing for animals. This month, I will describe some basic crystal healing etiquette and two simple methods for using crystals on animals. Healing is a very intimate activity. One’s defenses must be lowered to permit an energetic exchange between the healer […]

Interview with Animal Homeopath Shirley Moore – Part 1

Shirley Moore

Welcome to the second installment of our 3-part mini-series on homeopathy – the first half of my interview with animal homeopath Shirley Moore. As I mentioned in an earlier post – Notes From the Conference on Complementary Animal Healing – I had the pleasure of attending a talk on homeopathy for animals by Shirley this […]

Acu-Cat: A Guide to Feline Acupressure

Acu-Cat Front

I was so excited when Acu-Cat: A Guide to Feline Acupressure arrived in the mail, not only because I was dying to read it, but also because the photos on the cover and back of the book were taken by me! You may not know this, but I am also a freelance photographer. I have so […]