Friday Links: Canine OCD, Immunotherapy, and Mind-Controlling Parasites


Similar Brain Abnormalities in Dogs and Humans with OCD Disorder Researchers from Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine and McLean Imaging Center found that the abnormalities in the brains of dogs with OCD were the same as those found in humans with the same disorder. Niwako Ogata, BVSc, Ph.D, who lead the research team said “It […]

Sparwyn’s Sultry Sadie O’Kirk-Coyle 1998-2011


All photos © Cattie Coyle You may have noticed that things have been slow here at AMG lately. I wish I could say I took the summer off and traveled to exotic locations (or at least Europe), but sadly, that was not the case. Earlier this summer, our girl Sadie was diagnosed with cancer. By […]

Tong Ren Energy Healing For Animals


I first heard about Tong Ren a few years ago, when a friend of mine went to a workshop with her Mother. There were many people there with stories of miraculous recovery from various serious illnesses thanks to Tong Ren, and if you look it up online, you’ll find thousands more. Not too long ago, […]