Flower Power


With over 10 years experiences of working with flower essences and animals an unusual thing started to happen. Whilst making up the essences for an animal, the animal would become calmer and less stressed even though they had not taken the essences. It made me re-evaluate the flower essences with a different understanding of how […]

Q&A: Dealing with Grief (for Humans and Animals)


Our experts offer advice for how to help heal bereaved pets (and people). We received a question from a reader asking for advice on how to deal with both her own and her dog’s grief. Our reader asked about crystals in particular, but many other complementary therapies can help as well, and since loss and […]

Mental Health Issues in the Animal Community


We can be forgiven for thinking that mental health issues are only obvious in the human race. Having lost my brother and nephew to suicide, I have an understanding of what it is like to live with two young men with severe mental health issues. When was the tipping point so great that they both […]

Bach Flower Essences for Fear in Animals

Fear in animals: Dogs

As a Flower Essence Animal Therapist, I am often called to work with animals that have fear issues. Listening to each case, I am able to unravel the story behind the emotions. A lot of the cases I am asked to work with are often termed “Fear Aggression”. To the owner, their animal will appear […]

Flower Essences To The Rescue

Stix, William and Coco

The biggest impact and yet the most under used in my opinion are flower essences to support rescue animals. We live in a world where all and sundry seem to think that everything is disposable; our clothes, our food and even our animals. Some of us humans breed animals for financial gain, although I believe […]

Flower Essences For Early Abrupt Weaning

Cat mom with kitten

Christmas is the time of year when humans are giving and receiving. It is also the time of year when individuals are inclined to purchase cute kittens and puppies as gifts for their family. The initial union is filled with much optimism and happiness but after a few days, the reality of looking after a […]

How Do I Choose A Flower Essence Range?


Starting from the early seeds of the Bach flower range, it is now thought that there are over 400 other ranges of flower essences. It is from the Bach flowers that most of other flower pioneers have found their inspiration. Having tried the Bach flowers out of curiosity and perhaps emotional need, they too realised […]

How To Use Flower Essences With Animals

Bach Flower Essences by Cattie Coyle Photography

People are often unsure of how to use flower essences with animals and have lots of questions. Here, I am addressing the ones that I hear most often: Are Flower Essences safe for my pet? In over 80 years of use there has not been a single adverse reaction recorded. Flower essences are hypoallergenic and […]

Flower Essences and Autism in Dogs – Case Study

Bibi and Tinx

This is the second part of the “flower essences and canine autism” mini-series. Make sure to also read the first part, “Treating Autism In Dogs With Flower Essences” by Caroline Thomas. Bibi’s Story By Dr Petra Dance I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback male, now 4 years old with Asperger’s-like symptoms. He is a highly intelligent […]

Treating Autism In Dogs With Flower Essences


This is the first in a 2-post mini-series on treating autism in dogs. Make sure to also read Part 2, a very interesting case study: Flower Essences and Autism in Dogs – Case Study As with children, here in the UK, there has been a big increase in the number of dogs with autism. I […]