Canine And Human Help for Stiff Limbs

Dog Human Gall Bladder 34

Ever awaken and realize you’re a bit stiff? You try to stretch your legs and they send you a pain message. Then you stretch your arms out and you feel as if rubber bands are holding you back. Dogs can feel the very same way. As cave animals originally, dogs are programmed to stretch their […]

Acupressure Points For Canine Osteoarthritis


Older dogs are prone to developing arthritis. However, even young dogs can develop arthritis due to trauma to the joint, hereditary malformations, breeding issues, unstable joints, poor diet, and infection. Early detection is key to slowing the degenerative process and managing the dog’s level of pain. Indicators of canine arthritis include: Reluctance to play, walk, […]

Arthritis in Dogs – The Basics


Hi everyone! I’m back from my break and I hope you all had a wonderful summer. Mine was a mixed bag, but mostly fabulous – Swedish vacation, at least a few days on the beach, canine health class in England, etc. I just the other day came across this video that I wanted to share […]

Reiki – Treating A Dog With Arthritis

Aileen D'Angelo

This case study of a dog with arthritis comes from Aileen D’Angelo, founder and owner of Hoof, Paw & Claw in Northborough, Massachusetts. Aileen is a Reiki Master and teacher and has been practicing Reiki since 1996. She is also an animal communicator and a certified Canine Trigger Point Myotherapist. A member of the Animal […]

Alternative Healing Modality: Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage

Lon and Jake

I think most people know what massage is at this point. Many have experienced it for themselves and know firsthand the wonderful effects it can have on your health and general well-being. I have often found, however, that there is still a huge misconception about massage for animals. Many think that is is just an […]