Q&A: Healing Crystals (and more) for Shelter Animals

Dog in shelter

Today’s post is a reader question about healing crystals, in particular which ones  to use with shelter dogs. Our experts weigh in on this subject, and also share a few other ways to help. Q: I’ve recently started working with crystal healing, mainly for myself. I work in an animal shelter, and am in charge of […]

Canine Anxiety Acupressure Session


There are so many reasons for a dog to be anxious. They live in our stressful world with us and often absorb our anxiety. Our domesticated canines are constantly being expected to behave in ways that are not natural to them. Remember, our dogs take after their wolf ancestors and still have wolf tendencies and […]

Mental Health Issues in the Animal Community


We can be forgiven for thinking that mental health issues are only obvious in the human race. Having lost my brother and nephew to suicide, I have an understanding of what it is like to live with two young men with severe mental health issues. When was the tipping point so great that they both […]

Bach Flower Essences for Fear in Animals

Fear in animals: Dogs

As a Flower Essence Animal Therapist, I am often called to work with animals that have fear issues. Listening to each case, I am able to unravel the story behind the emotions. A lot of the cases I am asked to work with are often termed “Fear Aggression”. To the owner, their animal will appear […]

Flower Essences To The Rescue

Stix, William and Coco

The biggest impact and yet the most under used in my opinion are flower essences to support rescue animals. We live in a world where all and sundry seem to think that everything is disposable; our clothes, our food and even our animals. Some of us humans breed animals for financial gain, although I believe […]

Healing Touch For Animals

Daisy Dawn Jack On Dock

Today’s featured therapy is Healing Touch for Animals, an energy healing modality which at first (and second) glance seems very similar to Reiki, but there are some differences between the two, as you will see further down in the post. What is Healing Touch for Animals®? Healing Touch for Animals, or HTA, was created by […]

Shamanic Healing

Sariantra Kali With Her Drum

I have to confess that I did not know anything at all about Shamanism before starting this series of posts, but what I have learned is fascinating. And now I want to know who my power animal is! What Is Shamanic Healing? Shamanism has been practiced for thousands of years by people all over the […]