Q&A: Treatment Options For A Dog With Pinched Nerve In Back


Q: Our dog has a pinched nerve in his back creating back leg weakness. We’re looking for treatment options. Lola Michelin, Northwest School of Animal Massage: Pinched nerves are serious business indeed and once your veterinarian has had the opportunity to diagnose the degree of trauma and the location, there are many therapies that will […]

Meet Beth Innis, DVM, CVA, CVCHM


Beth Innis is the founder and owner of Sleepy Dog Veterinary in Massachusetts. Cattie: I first met Beth a few years ago when she came to our house to give our dog Sadie acupuncture. It was a very difficult time for us – Sadie was battling cancer and was going downhill fast and I was […]

Animal Acupuncture

Acupuncture needles

Today’s alternative healing modality is animal acupuncture. As I mentioned in my post about NAET, I’ve been getting acupuncture for allergies for over a year, and it’s helping! And even though I always think the needles hurt going in, the feeling afterwards is totally worth the pain. I feel awake and alert and incredibly calm […]

Alternative Healing Modalities


There are many ways to promote health, and most holistic animal health practitioners are trained in more than one technique. I would like to point out that while most of us turn to one or several therapies to fix a problem or cure an illness, these are all wonderful as preventative therapies as well. I […]