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Today’s guest post comes from reflexologist Yvette Eastman, and she shares with us the story of how she used various alternative and complementary methods to help her friend’s lab Buddy regain his eyesight and health after being given a diagnosis of impending blindness from his vet.

Note: Yvette wrote this for us in 2008, and she has since sadly passed away. She was a wonderful person with a passion for both reflexology and animals, and it was a great loss not only for the reflexology community, but for everyone who were lucky enough to meet and learn from her.

Yvette Eastman reflexologyYvette practiced reflexology for 35 years and was the founder and Director of the Touchpoint Institute of Reflexology in Belcarra, Canada.

She had a private practice for animals and people, taught reflexology courses as well as a variety of other programs, and wrote 9 books. Her specialties included Reflexology, Touch For Health, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Emotrance as well as several other therapies.

Buddy the Lab Goes Blind
Pawspoint Reflexology to the Rescue
By Yvette Eastman

Recently, my friend called me in a panic. “My dog is bumping into things. I think he is going blind. It happened so suddenly. Buddy is only seven years old! He is grumpy and growls at other dogs and he never used to.” My immediate reaction was to do a body scan using muscle checking. The answers were indefinite. I got answers but they led nowhere. No, it was not a stroke, nor glaucoma, nor cataracts. It was not an allergy. My suggestion was to take him to an eye specialist for dogs, which she did. And found out that it was an inflammation and infection of the optic nerve. She was given medication to reduce the inflammation and the infection. Now that we knew the problem, it was time to use Reflexology and other complementary techniques. Even before he was diagnosed, I gave my friend a variety of things to do to help Buddy.

Little by little, over 4 days, Buddy’s eyes improved. He knocked into objects less and he once again reclaimed his good mood.Rescue Remedy

The first was Rescue Remedy, (a Bach Flower Remedy) which I had suggested from the beginning. “Put some in his water. Put some in a spray bottle and spray around him.” This is my suggestion for any trauma whether for an animal or a human. It helped his mood and his discomfort immediately. He relaxed.

“Now do the figure 8 energy, just using your hand along his eyes 8in a figure 8 that is “lying down” (called a Lazy 8). That will help with the inflammation, the swelling as well as starting the healing.”

Next I told her to work on his toe pads, gently and often. Work on theDewclaw dew-claw, I told her, just in case we are dealing with the brain and nerve damage. Work at the base of the dew-claw for his neck. It could be that he sustained an injury and that there is vertebral compression. Since you don’t know for sure, work it anyway. For dogs without dewclaws, either because they are missing or were removed, work on the little bump where the dewclaw would be if he had one. Since so much of our work deals with energy, the body/mind will understand!

solarplexusWork on the Solar plexus, to release stress and improve his blood pressure. Work along the diaphragm to release it and induce deep breathing and therefore goodDiaphragm oxygenation to the eyes.

Pinch gently on both sides of the webbing, just below (and between) the toe pads. This is for the lymph vessels, to help clear any toxins. And work on the toes and between them, along the sides of each toe eustachiantubefor the eyes and to assist the Eustachian tube in moving toxins away from the eyes.Liver and Gallbladder

Two more important areas. Work the reflex to the Liver to filter out toxins from the blood, and work the entire Large Intestine to improve eliminationlargeintestine

Now do the quick meridian repair to insure that all the meridian energies are flowing as they should.
1. Stoke from cheeks over the back, to the outside of the hind feet.
2. Stroke from the inside back feet under the belly to the chest.
3. Stroke from the chest down the inside of the arms to the “hands”.
4. Stroke from the outside of the “hands” to the cheek.
5. Repeat 1-4 3 X.
6. Stroke from base of tail to upper lip over the back, and from under the tail up the centre of the belly to the lower lip. Repeat 3 X.

dog diagram

This story bespeaks the need for “blended medicine”. It is not a good idea to eliminate allopathic medicine. It gives you diagnoses and useful medication. And, once you have that, now you can go on your personal warpath against toxins and do what is needed to rebuild the terrain. The result? Buddy’s right eye is totally healed, the left eye is vastly improved and still healing. The original prognosis? “We are so sorry, but this is a grave situation and he may become totally blind in both eyes.” It really pays to use blended medicine – to use appropriate chemicals and to complement them with every bit of energy work and bodywork you know!

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