Crystal Healing For Cows

Cow and crystal

A while ago, I responded to a reader’s question about using crystals with cows for improving the health of the animals. I was contacted further by Susan from Michigan, USA, who makes crystal jewelry for horses, about helping a cow herd by using crystal healing. She had been working at a local farm doing Reiki […]

How To Do Crystal Healing With Animals


Last month, I introduced myself as a crystal energy therapist offering advice on crystal healing for animals. This month, I will describe some basic crystal healing etiquette and two simple methods for using crystals on animals. Healing is a very intimate activity. One’s defenses must be lowered to permit an energetic exchange between the healer […]

Meet Karen Ryan, Crystal Energy Therapist

Karen Ryan

Karen Ryan is the founder and owner of The Crystal Tiger in Toronto, Ontario. Cattie: I first got to know Karen a few years ago when I interviewed her about using crystals with animals, something I didn’t know anything about, and it was fascinating. We have kept in touch and she has been helping out […]

Using Crystals With Cows


I received a very interesting question from a reader the other day – which crystals to use in a cow barn. I didn’t know the answer to that, so I got in touch with Karen Ryan, who is the owner and founder of The Crystal Tiger in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, and was the featured practitioner […]