Pet Loss and Bereavement


Counseling my clients in pet loss and bereavement has slowly become a large part of my practice. It is something I truly enjoy as its importance is huge. For many of us, pets have become our family members, and their loss or impending loss can be devastating. We have all experienced loss; whether family, friends, […]

Food as Medicine


It’s difficult to keep track of what foods are considered healthy these days, isn’t it? It seems like one thing everyone can agree on is that whole foods just have to be good. Unadulterated, nutritious whole foods; foods that look like food, that come from where we live, that are raised without chemical and hormonal […]

Assessing Pain In Animals


Assessing pain in animals can be tricky business. Animals have evolved to hide pain well in order to survive in the wild. While our pets need not fear losing their place in their pack these days, they still mask pain. First we should observe our pets at home, have them evaluated by a veterinary professional, […]

Meet Beth Innis, DVM, CVA, CVCHM


Beth Innis is the founder and owner of Sleepy Dog Veterinary in Massachusetts. Cattie: I first met Beth a few years ago when she came to our house to give our dog Sadie acupuncture. It was a very difficult time for us – Sadie was battling cancer and was going downhill fast and I was […]