Q&A: Healing Crystals (and more) for Shelter Animals

Dog in shelter

Today’s post is a reader question about healing crystals, in particular which ones  to use with shelter dogs. Our experts weigh in on this subject, and also share a few other ways to help. Q: I’ve recently started working with crystal healing, mainly for myself. I work in an animal shelter, and am in charge of […]

CA animal owners: protect your right to choose before it is too late!

Cat and dog

Proposed wording in regards to Animal Rehabilitation (AR) will make it illegal for you, the animal owner, to use your current animal body worker for your animal’s bodywork session unless they are a veterinarian or a vet tech or licensed physical therapist under the onsite supervision of a veterinarian. The proposed AR wording change places […]

Q&A: Keeping Horse Hooves Healthy

Keeping Horse Hooves Healthy

Today’s post is a reader question: Q: What is the healthiest way to take care of horse hooves? And is there any benefit to have your horse go barefoot for any length of time? If so, when? Lola Michelin, Northwest School of Animal Massage: For many years, this was my weakest area of horsemanship; I […]

Q&A: Dealing with Grief (for Humans and Animals)


Our experts offer advice for how to help heal bereaved pets (and people). We received a question from a reader asking for advice on how to deal with both her own and her dog’s grief. Our reader asked about crystals in particular, but many other complementary therapies can help as well, and since loss and […]

Feline Emergencies: What Your Cat Won’t Tell You!


Cats are wonderful, amazing and elusive creatures. Most cats will instinctively conceal signs of injury and illness. In the wild, a sick or injured big cat quickly turns from predator to prey, so hiding signs of weakness has become an instinctual survival technique. In our homes, our beautiful domesticated creatures may retain these instincts, making […]

Q&A: How To Get Rid of Fleas


Our experts answer a question about fleas from one of our readers: Q: Is there any way to get rid of cat fleas without using chemicals? Lola Michelin, Northwest School of Animal Massage: Yes, although it takes commitment and diligence and even then, results vary. Anywhere the cat spends time has to be heat cleaned […]

Q&A: Testimonials and Word of Mouth Marketing


Testimonials and word of mouth is huge when it comes to selling anything or getting new clients. Many studies have shown that social proof is the biggest influence when people make a decision whether to buy a product or service or not. A recent survey on online reviews by Bright Local found that: 88% of […]

Q&A: How To Get Referrals from Veterinarians


Q: How can practitioners of alternative therapies get referrals from veterinarians? What can someone just starting out do to develop a relationship with a veterinarian (that will hopefully lead to referrals)? Building relationships and collaboration are important parts of any successful business, and when your business is complementary animal health, building those relationships with veterinarians […]