Acupressure For Keeping Your Horse Fit

Help your horse stay fit year-round. In the winter we all slow down and move less, and this can lead to loss of muscle tone and flexibility. When spring arrives our horses want to frolic and get moving again. However, their bodies may not be ready for increased activity, which can lead to early season injuries. Ouch!

To avoid debilitating injuries causing you and your horse to miss the best time to ride and compete, try a simple acupressure session. There are four acupressure points that you can stimulate on both sides of your horse’s body that can help maintain muscle and tendon strength by enhancing enervation and nourishment to those tissues. By supplying the proper energy and enrichment to the muscles and tendons, your horse will be able to incrementally build to his optimal performance level without injury.

The Acupressure Session for Training Chart below shows the four acupressure points and their locations:

Acupressure chart for keeping horse fit

Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis
Amy and Nancy are co-founders of Tallgrass Publishers and Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute. They have been in the complementary animal health field for over 35 years, have co-authored many books, and teach acupressure and tui na worldwide. Learn more about Amy and Nancy
Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis


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Amy Snow and Nancy Zidonis

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