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Meet Lisa Ruthig, Lively Dog


Lisa is the founder and owner of Lively Dog in N. Grosvenordale, CT. Cattie: I first met Lisa through Bancroft’s animal massage online discussion group, and was immediately impressed with her wealth of knowledge. People in the group ask a LOT of questions about pretty much everything related to animal health, as well as the […]

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Q&A: Alternative Therapies – How Much is Too Much? The Amazing Impact of Massage at Animal Shelters Q&A: How To Get Referrals from Veterinarians Q&A: Should Alternative Practitioners Ask for Veterinary Consent?  Q&A: Treatment Options For A Dog With Pinched Nerve In Back Business Monday: How Do I Figure Out If There Is A Market […]

Q&A: Alternative Therapies – How Much is Too Much?

Alternative therapies

When your animal friends are suffering, it’s tempting to throw every alternative therapy out there in the mix in order to make them better, but is that really the best idea? I will confess that I am guilty of doing this, both with myself and with my late dog Sadie. I start one therapy, then, […]

Q&A: How To Get Referrals from Veterinarians


Q: How can practitioners of alternative therapies get referrals from veterinarians? What can someone just starting out do to develop a relationship with a veterinarian (that will hopefully lead to referrals)? Building relationships and collaboration are important parts of any successful business, and when your business is complementary animal health, building those relationships with veterinarians […]

Q&A: Should Alternative Practitioners Ask for Veterinary Consent?


Q: Do you ask (and / or do you advise your students to ask) for a release or clearance from the client’s vet before working with an animal? We have received this question from many readers, along with the related subject: how do you get referrals from veterinarians? Both are great questions, and it is […]

Q&A: Treatment Options For A Dog With Pinched Nerve In Back


Q: Our dog has a pinched nerve in his back creating back leg weakness. We’re looking for treatment options. Lola Michelin, Northwest School of Animal Massage: Pinched nerves are serious business indeed and once your veterinarian has had the opportunity to diagnose the degree of trauma and the location, there are many therapies that will […]

Holistic Animal Health Practitioners – USA


This list is organized by state and alphabetically within each state. If you are a practitioner and would like to add your practice to this list, see this page for more information.   CALIFORNIA The Whole Dog Jeannie (Jeanette) Thomason, VND Northern California Email: Animal Naturopath specializing in dogs. Offering consultations via Email or […]

Q&A: Massage and Phantom Pregnancy in Dogs

Dog with question

We recently received an interesting question from one of our readers and wanted to share it here for others to learn from as well (don’t miss the update at the end of the post). Tracey, a canine massage practitioner in the UK, wrote: Q: Is massage safe for a bitch experiencing a phantom pregnancy? As […]

What Are You Excited About This Fall?

Fall by Cattie Coyle Photography

As I mentioned in the last newsletter, I am always sad to see summer come to an end, but fall brings other delights, and not only the beauty of nature. It is a time for new beginnings – the kids are going back to school, we return to work after vacations that hopefully left us […]