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New Regular Contributor: Kathleen Prasad, Animal Reiki Source & SARA


Kathleen Prasad is the founder of Animal Reiki Source and co-founder/president of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA). Cattie: I am so excited to announce our latest regular contributor to the blog; renowned animal Reiki expert Kathleen Prasad. I have long been an admirer of her work, and first met her (virtually) when she was […]

Posts By and With Kathleen Prasad

5 Things You Need to Know About Animal Reiki Today 6 Easy Ways to Make the Holidays More Mindful What Happens When We Honor Farm Animals as Teachers? Q&A: Healing Crystals (and more) for Shelter Animals 3 Reasons Animals Make The Best Meditation Teachers Q&A: Dealing with Grief (for Humans and Animals) Symptoms of Compassion […]

Kathleen Prasad’s Visit to Remus Horse Sanctuary 2013

Class of 2013

As September approached, I started to get really excited about the upcoming visit of Kathleen Prasad to Remus Horse Sanctuary. Two weeks before, I met with Sue, who is the founder of Remus and we prepared in great depth how we could support Kathleen’s visit so it ran smoothly. Therefore everyone was able to benefit […]

Q&A: Healing Crystals (and more) for Shelter Animals

Dog in shelter

Today’s post is a reader question about healing crystals, in particular which ones  to use with shelter dogs. Our experts weigh in on this subject, and also share a few other ways to help. Q: I’ve recently started working with crystal healing, mainly for myself. I work in an animal shelter, and am in charge of […]

Q&A: Dealing with Grief (for Humans and Animals)


Our experts offer advice for how to help heal bereaved pets (and people). We received a question from a reader asking for advice on how to deal with both her own and her dog’s grief. Our reader asked about crystals in particular, but many other complementary therapies can help as well, and since loss and […]

Q&A: Testimonials and Word of Mouth Marketing


Testimonials and word of mouth is huge when it comes to selling anything or getting new clients. Many studies have shown that social proof is the biggest influence when people make a decision whether to buy a product or service or not. A recent survey on online reviews by Bright Local found that: 88% of […]

Holistic Animal Health Classes & Workshops: USA

MARCH – APRIL 2014   ALASKA April 25-27: Healing Touch for Animals, Anchorage, AK 3-day workshop where you learn how to use energy medicine therapies with animals. Instructor: Melissa Hansen   ARIZONA March 8-9: Masterson Method™ Massage Seminar, Tucson, AZ 2-day workshop for horse owners at Blue Banner Farm where you learn how to use […]

Holistic Animal Health Schools – USA


The schools in the US are listed by state and then in alphabetical order within each state. Visiting courses are at the end of the list. If you would like to add your holistic animal health school to this list, you can sign up here (note that you do not have to be an established […]