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Chinese Medicine and the Equine Tongue Q&A: Keeping Horse Hooves Healthy Feline Diabetes Q&A: Alternative Therapies – How Much is Too Much? Equine Fitness and Acupressure Your Horse’s Joints and Chi Boost Your Horse’s Immune System with Acupressure Q&A: Testimonials and Word of Mouth Marketing Canine Anxiety Acupressure Session Internal Liver Wind and Seizure Disorders […]

Q&A: Keeping Horse Hooves Healthy

Keeping Horse Hooves Healthy

Today’s post is a reader question: Q: What is the healthiest way to take care of horse hooves? And is there any benefit to have your horse go barefoot for any length of time? If so, when? Lola Michelin, Northwest School of Animal Massage: For many years, this was my weakest area of horsemanship; I […]

Q&A: Alternative Therapies – How Much is Too Much?

Alternative therapies

When your animal friends are suffering, it’s tempting to throw every alternative therapy out there in the mix in order to make them better, but is that really the best idea? I will confess that I am guilty of doing this, both with myself and with my late dog Sadie. I start one therapy, then, […]

Q&A: Testimonials and Word of Mouth Marketing


Testimonials and word of mouth is huge when it comes to selling anything or getting new clients. Many studies have shown that social proof is the biggest influence when people make a decision whether to buy a product or service or not. A recent survey on online reviews by Bright Local found that: 88% of […]

Q&A: How To Get Referrals from Veterinarians


Q: How can practitioners of alternative therapies get referrals from veterinarians? What can someone just starting out do to develop a relationship with a veterinarian (that will hopefully lead to referrals)? Building relationships and collaboration are important parts of any successful business, and when your business is complementary animal health, building those relationships with veterinarians […]

Q&A: Should Alternative Practitioners Ask for Veterinary Consent?


Q: Do you ask (and / or do you advise your students to ask) for a release or clearance from the client’s vet before working with an animal? We have received this question from many readers, along with the related subject: how do you get referrals from veterinarians? Both are great questions, and it is […]

Enhancing Feline Digestion with Acupressure

Feline digestion

The feline is a natural predator and a protein obligate, that is, they must eat a high protein (meat-based) diet, which further explains why they have served humans since the days of the ancient Egyptians. Dining on mice gives a cat exactly the nutrition he needs including the small amount of grain from the rodents […]

Holistic Animal Health Classes & Workshops: USA

MARCH – APRIL 2014   ALASKA April 25-27: Healing Touch for Animals, Anchorage, AK 3-day workshop where you learn how to use energy medicine therapies with animals. Instructor: Melissa Hansen   ARIZONA March 8-9: Masterson Method™ Massage Seminar, Tucson, AZ 2-day workshop for horse owners at Blue Banner Farm where you learn how to use […]

Q&A: Working With Marine Mammals


Q: I would like to work in the aquatic area of massage or physical therapy with dolphins, etc. Where do I start and what kind of specialized training is available for that specific field? Answer by Cattie: What an unusual and very interesting question you ask! I forwarded it to Lola Michelin because I know […]